Updated 02nd of June 1998

A BBC Blake's 7 Radio Play

Better late than never - 20 years after B7 first hit our TV screens, the BBC have finally decided to produce a B7 episode on radio. The title (at the moment - you know how these things change) is The Sevenfold Crown and involves the 4th season crew (but not Sleer/Servalan). It's not signed and sealed, but it looks as if Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Steven Pacey and Peter Tuddenham will be reprising their roles. The play is written by Barry Letts (who has worked on similar projects for Doctor Who) and is due to be recorded in October 97. Broadcast date is scheduled for 17th January 1998 at 2.30pm as a Saturday Playhouse (90 minutes) on Radio 4. It will also be available on cassette at around the same time, and the cassette will include an extra 10 minutes of interviews. Hopefully Horizon will be able to sell these.

The recording of the BBC's radio play - The Sevenfold Crown written by Barry Letts will be going ahead in early October.

The cast are confirmed as: Paul Darrow (Avon) Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan) Michael Keating (Vila) Steven Pacey (Tarrant) Peter Tuddenham (Orac) Paula Wilcox (Soolin) Angela Bruce (Dayna) Guest Star: Pip Donaghy

The story is set in Season 4, just after Star Drive

Look out for an article and photo in the Radio Times November/December time.

Unfortunately, Glynis Barber was unable to do the play as she is touring in the play Killing Time until the end of November.

The play is being written by Barry Letts, who will be at Deliverance


The tape is being released by the BBC Audio Collection in January, with some cast interviews added on, and will cost 7.99. Also available through Horizon Prices: 8.99 in the shops. But through Horizon it is priced: 8.00 UK, 8.60 Eur, 9.15 USA/Zone 1, 9.30 Australia/Zone 2

Review of the Tape

From The Radio Times

Note for Americans - The Radio Times is the BBCs own publication so it is not rumour, the reference to UK GOLD is the BBCs own satellite channel that mainly features old BBC programs..


... The magnificent 7, back in our orbit

The long awaited Blake's 7 reunion finally comes to pass in October, with the recording of a 90 minute one off drama for Radio 4, written by former Doctor Who producer Barry Letts, who also scripted the two radio dramatisations of Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who. Many of the original cast will re-create their roles in a story set during the final series. January 1998 will mark the 20th anniversary of the first season, which continues this week on UK GOLD (Sunday) with Deliverance.

The Plot

It's set between Stardrive and Animals.

The plot concerns Servalan having found clues to the whereabouts of the Diadem: jewelled crown which enhances the mental abilities of the wearer to allow him/her to dominate everyone else's minds. Avon and company try to get the various parts of the Diadem before her.

The Future

The BBC are not currently planning a second program.

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