Posted 21st of December 2007

New Zines at Redemption '01

A lot of new zines were launched at Redeption '01.

Parodies Lost

Parodies Lost: a Collection of Blake's Seven Parodies

Stories, poems and much else in the style of different writers and writing genres.

Written by Chris Blenkarn, A4: 144 pages +intro: spiral bound

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No Cover picture avialble yet
No Cover picture avialble yet

The Way Forward: Crusades of Blake

The first all-Blake genzine of the new millennium has arrived. "The Way Forward: Crusades of Blake" is 165 A4 pages packed with stories and poetry by a variety of fan writers, old and new. Front cover and interior graphics (most of them in colour) by Pat Fenech. Full colour back cover by Diane Holland.

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TTBA features an eclectic mix of fiction by established writers as well as some excellent newer ones. TTBA includes thought-provoking stories addressing serious themes, with a particular focus on those that cross boundaries of genre or category. All major characters and seasons are featured. While the zine is mixed, it contains no erotica.

A total of 29 stories by Nickey Barnard, Belatrix Carter, Susan Cutter, Penny Dreadful, Executrix, Firerose, Hades, Hafren, Ika, Jackie, Jenner, Una McCormack, Morrigan, Nova, Judith Proctor and Airan Wilkinson.

Specially drawn colour cover by Val Westall. Internal art by Penny Dreadful and Firerose.

172 + xi A4 pages, spiral bound, colour card cover with plastic overlays.

More Details. Sold Out.

Forbidden Star 3

Forbidden Star Three is a slash zine containing stories by Predatrix, Morrigan, Belatrix Carter, Julia Stamford, Helen Patrick, Jodie Louise, Penny Dreadful, Executrix, Rhiannon O'Cardan and Nova.

A couple of the stories appeared in draft form on the Freedom City mailing list, but most are brand new.

Most of the stories feature Avon and Blake.

More Details.

Erogenous Zine

Sex and comedy and even h/c by Predatrix. All A/B, obviously. Will probably not suit angst/tragedy/torture fans. More comedy than hearts-and-flowers romance, but more-or-less romantic in a cheerfully libidinous way.


More Details.

No Cover picture
No Cover picture avialble yet

Paula and Steve go Down the Pub

Title: Paula and Steve go Down the Pub
Authors and editors: Paula Robinson and Steve Rogerson
Pages: approx 40
Cost: 1.50
Contents: 11 stories, 12 illos
Type: Humour, with some horror and sex

This a Blake's 7 zine containing a selection of short stories. Two have them are new to this zine, one exists on a web page and the rest have all appeared on the Freedom City (or its predecessor Space City) mailing list, albeit one in a much shorter version.

Not available online through here but see more details.

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