Paula and Steve go Down the Pub

Title: Paula and Steve go Down the Pub
Authors and editors: Paula Robinson and Steve Rogerson
Pages: approx 40
Cost: 1.50
Contents: 11 stories, 12 illos
Type: Humour, with some horror and sex

This a Blake's 7 zine containing a selection of short stories. Two have them are new to this zine, one exists on a web page and the rest have all appeared on the Freedom City (or its predecessor Space City) mailing list, albeit one in a much shorter version.

Paula and Steve Go Down the Pub, a short immature zine for mature readers, is now available via mail order. The zine costs Pound 1.50 plus the following P&P charges:

1st class:0.57
2nd class:0.44
Zone 1 (US, Africa, etc):3.10
Zone 2 (Australia/NZ):3.59
If ordering from overseas, try to get sterling to us or US dollars in cash. If you want one, drop me an email and I'll send you my address.

The zine is 39 pages long with illos. It contains a number of short stories, most of which have been on Freedom City, though two are new to this zine. It's weird. It was written and produced my Paula Robinson and I.

Steve Rogerson.


Posted on 20th of January 2002

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