Posted 30th of June 2004

Blakes Legacy: Restoration

Part One of the new six-part fan produced audio series is on-line at BTR Productions web site. They are waiting for people to download it for free, listen to it, and then join us in a discussion about it on the BTR Opinion Forum.

The prison space station KX42, located in the Demtar Saphhi system, is one of the toughest places a criminal against the Federation can go. With only limited space to house prisoners, and an ever-constant stream of new inmates arriving every month, it means the average life expectancy of prisoners is very low indeed. However, not all people who are sent to KX42 are criminals against the Federation. Some people are innocent - some people have been mistaken for criminals, and sent here as punishment for a crime that they did not commit. For these people, life for them at KX42 is something worse than they could possibly imagine.

So, if an opportunity to escape presented itself, and you considered yourself innocent, wouldn't you grab it with all you had? And once free, what would you do? Would you simply run away, or would you decide to strike back at the Federation which had so wrongfully imprisoned you?

Set 30 years after the events of the final TV episode of Blakes 7, Prison is the first chapter in a brand new audio serial continuing Terry Nation's science-fiction classic.

See also Legacy Part 2.

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