SOLDIERS OF LOVE - 1 - Genesis

review by Jacqueline Thijsen.

An audioplay is very different from a television episode, because there are no visual clues to let the listener know what's going on. That means that a lot more concentration is required to follow the story. That is not necessarily a problem, if the story is interesting enough. Unfortunately, I didn't feel that way about the first Soldiers of Love CD. It jumped from scene to scene, which made it very difficult for me to follow the story. And the humor was not really enough to keep me interested, either. Most of it was bad puns and innuendo, and while this didn't bother me, I found it yawnacious rather than amusing. I didn't consider it a total loss, however. Near the end of the CD, Michael Keating's character got his mind sorta wiped, and afterwards he sounded a lot like Vila. I really enjoyed that bit. But I won't be buying any more CD's of this series just to hear more of him.

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