Soldiers Of Love

9 - Breaking Loose

- by Mark J Thompson - release - 2002

It stars:
Gareth Thomas
Nicholas Courtney
Jacqueline Pearce
Sarah Sutton
Anna Karen

"NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE CAN STOP ME NOW!" Aaran's battle cry rings loud as his megalomania takes a new dangerous and destructive twist

It's Part 9 of the continuing adventures of : Turnidus, Cindy, Yztabub, Gamak, Cilla, Frag, Hywel, Madame D, The Major, Violet and Caelys, But how much longer can the Soldiers of Love survive...

Turnidus turns to Frag for support Can Gamak & Cilla pull off their Galactovision entry? And back on Earth, can Caelys, Violet, Madame D, and the Major escape?

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