Soldiers Of Love

Gareth has recorded soldiers of Love 8,9 on the weekend of 2 Sept. SOL 8 was released on 25th October 2001.

8 - Forced Entry

'Forced Entry' - starring Gareth Thomas & Jacqueline Pearce The long awaited part 8 of this comedy/fantasy SF series on CD will be released on 25th October. SOL 8 stars Gareth Thomas (Aaran/Hywel) & Jacqueline Pearce (Mme Deephole) amongst others. It features Gareth 'singing' as the songs return in this CD!

Full cast list in order of appearance: Nik Rawlinson, Mark J Thompson, Gareth Thomas, Niall Stuchfield, Sarah Sutton, Alison Taffs, Jacqueline Pearce, Nick Kirby, Mark Preston, Nicholas Courtney, Steven Degattis, Anna Karen

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