Soldiers Of Love


Cindy, Mydas, Turnidus, and Yztabub manage to escape to `The Nick Of Time' - however, danger awaits them there.... Maureen's trip to her lover on Tsuriel 3, grows from bad to worse, as she and her three fellow passengers; Jadra, Teddy and Frag are flung into deep trouble.... Gamak is desperate to contact the missing Cindy and attempts to locate her at Madame Deepholes House of Ill Repute.... The Editor changes his disguise yet again, as his murderous spree continues; entwining Colonel Frankyln.... Through his dreams we see when Mydas met Maureen!

Again, a huge cast of known names from British sci-fi are bought together to provide the voices for the characters in this second story:

Reprising their roles from story 1 are:

Joining the expanding cast are:

This CD contains a full soundtrack, with 2 original songs and was recorded on Monday 21st June 1999

Deathtraps was be released on Monday 26th July 1999 and is available from several sources including Judith.

Last updated 22nd of August 1999

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