Soldiers Of Love

Cast for story 4 - Ominous Passge

RoleActorActors other Famous? Roles
The Editor (Nermal Hammond) & HywelGareth ThomasBlake from Blake's 7
TurnidusNicholas CourtneyThe Brigadier from Dr Who
Mydas MydasonMichael KeatingVila from Blake's 7
Colonel FranklynSarah SuttonNyssa from Dr. Who
Padrioli JadraPeter DeanPete Beale from Eastenders
CillaAnna KarenOlive from On The Buses
Sharliken and The MomJan ChappellCally from Blake's 7
FarraqGary Hailes?
Jacqueline Pearce was at Edinburgh and will be hopefully returning to story 5 (work permitting)

Last updated 11th of December 1999

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