Soldiers Of Love

Cast for story 2 - Deathtrap

RoleActorActors other Famous? Roles
The EditorGareth ThomasBlake from Blake's 7
TurnidusNicholas CourtneyThe Brigadier from Dr Who
Mydas MydasonMichael KeatingVila from Blake's 7
Cindy RellerSammie WinmillCarol from The Tomorrow People
Madame DeepholeJacqueline PearceServalan from Blake's 7 and Chessene from Dr. Who
Colonel FranklynSarah SuttonNyssa from Dr. Who
Padrioli JadraPeter DeanPete Beale from Eastenders

Some cast photos (the inside cover of the CD).

The Back cover of the CD.

Last updated 05th of September 1999

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