The Actor Speaks 2: Elisabeth Sladen

1. Interview with Elisabeth Sladen - Whatever happened to Sarah Jane Smith? Lis gives her thoughts on all aspects of Sarah Jane Smith post Dr. Who

2. Anne-1 'Out Tonight' by Mark J. Thompson - Lis plays Liverpudlian 'Anne' in two amusing monologues

3. Peek Into Private 1 - Lis shares memories of six exclusive black & white photos from her private life

4. 'The Virgin' by Sadie Miller - Hear two fascinating pieces by Lis' daughter Sadie

5. Interview with Sadie Miller

6. 'Was Wenn' by Sadie Miller - Nazi oppression dominates the land - but this is England 2000...

7. Anne-2 'On-Line' by Mark J Thompson

8. Peek Into Private 2 - Lis shares memories of a poem written for her in 1978

9. Interview with Elisabeth Sladen & Mark J Thompson - Hear about the background to the CD's content

10. 'Soldiers of Love' advert - Narrated by Elisabeth Sladen - A trailer for MJTV's exciting comedy drama sci-fi audio CD series which stars Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Michael Keating, Sarah Sutton, Colin Baker & Jan Chappell

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