Gareth plays Kalendorf in the 4 part Big Finish CD story 'Empire of the Daleks' written and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

Review By Christopher

This episode seems to move at a slightly slower pace than the previous two episodes. I also miss the superbly sinister and insinuating voice of the Dalek Supreme. However, it does feature more of Gareth Thomas who does a marvellous job of portraying the somewhat enigmatic Kalendorff.

I enjoy these stories because the Daleks are portrayed as being cunning and manipulative. Also, they appear to be winning the battle, which makes them into credible villains. In some of the later episodes of Dr. Who the Daleks appeared to be far too easily defeated which therefore robbed them of any credibility. Again, being deprived of the comforting presence of the Doctor adds to the more threatening presence of the Daleks themselves.

The constant theme throughout these three episodes has been that of hope. Hope to what ultimate purpose? How far will people go to sustain hope? Is the final cost to someone's own soul worth the price of maintaining a semblance of hope?

I eagerly await Part Four.

Last changed on 11th of December 2001

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