Gareth plays Kalendorf in the 4 part Big Finish CD story 'Empire of the Daleks' written and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

Review By Christopher Callanan

I was delighted to find that the first two CDs in the 'Dalek Empire' were more pyschological and intriguing than some of the Dalek stories that appeared on TV. Here the Daleks seem to have a pyschology of their own, they are cunning and manipulative. I like them when they are like that, and I suspect that I would have loved the David Whitaker stories on TV if I had been around at the time.

This approach, combined with a definite human approach , makes these CDs more intriguing than you might at first think. Despite being advertised as a'tongue in cheek' story based vaguely on the TV21 Dalek comicstrip, this is far more adult than that. The Daleks are sinister in their approach. This derives from the intelligent handling of the script and also the superb Dalek voices. I think that these are definetly the best Dalek voices I have heard, perhaps even better than Roy Skelton's. The Dalek Supreme is especially good with its creepy and insinuating tones. It even gave me the creeps listening to it. However, why does the Dalek Emperor sound like 'Deep Thought' in 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'? I keep expecting it to say," ....the answer is....42" . Perhaps someone can tell me if the original Emperor in the 1960's story ' Evil of the Daleks' sounded like this?

Apart from this minor quibble, I can thoroughly recommend the ' Dalek Empire'.

I like the sound effects and that the overall sound balance contributes to a believably panoramic quality too.

Last changed on 19th of January 2002

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