Blake's 7 - Together Again - Solstice

Reviewed by Tanja Kinkel

On the cover of this tape, Pushka the cat finally makes her first credited appearance, after all those cameos starting with "Liberatored!". Having two cats at home myself, this immediately prejudiced me in favour of the tape, not a hard task since I adore the entire series so far.

Seriously, I found new interviewees Mary Ridge and Pennant Roberts very interesting, both on the funny side - all those tales of woe about filming in Betchworth Quarry! - and on serious information about filming, whether it was the issue of responsibility for dangerous stunts or the discussion about violence on TV. Kudos to Joe Nazarro for asking them the right questions as well, though I have to admit I would have liked to know something about the coordination between directors and scriptwriters. (After all, in Pennant Roberts' case, that would have been Terry Nation, and I'm really curious what Mary Ridges thought of Ben Steed's misogynistic "Power".) But there's only so much room on a tape, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss anything which WAS there.

The regulars were in fine form; any attempt of this listener to imagine Avon and Tarrant as Starsky and Hutch (a Steven Pacey idea related through Paul Darrow) was met with swift and abject failure, and obviously having a cold won't stop Gareth Thomas once he's in narrative flow. There's also good interplay with the two new guests, whether it is the Roberts-Darrow exchange on going over the top in Dr. Who or that priceless explosion anecdote Judith mentioned, narrated by Mary Ridge and Gareth Thomas.

One last thing: Denialists and authors of PGP stories can rejoice, hearing Mary Ridge say about that final scene that... well, go and buy the tape!

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