How are these pages created

These pages have been text edited using the html extensions to the Zap editor. These show the html markups clearly and has a lot of built in shortcuts for common html constructs. These pages are then syntaticly checked, and have all local references checked by htmltools. Another feature of htmltools is used to prepare frequent delta files to upload. In some cases htmltools is used as a first pass to convert text files into html.

See also the site's design principles.

The Web browser I have is called Fresco from ANT Limited, it is excellent.

We have a range of Acorn machines, a Master (retired), an A3000 (retired), an A4000 (mainly used by the boys) an A7000+ used by Judith, and two RPCs used by me. I am in the process of installing a server and home network. At work I suffer a high powered laptop and a unix machine.

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