Design Principles for this site

Standard html
No fancy features of particular browsers, strict html 3.2 on all pages. This is to ensure that it will work for anyone. Hence no javascript, no css, no java. All the fancy stuff is on the server.
Small pages
Use links between lots of relevant pages rather than have a few very large pages.
None, they usually reduce the ease by which the text can be read.
Very rarely set unless there is a good reason.
Nearly all pictures are loaded as low quality thumbnails, within each web page. These can be clicked to load larger, higher quality pictures. Pictures published elsewhere are rarely loaded here at full quality.
Not too many, again to improve speed, we assume you want the information.
Cross References
Lots, from nearly every page to all relevant top level pages. From the AtoZ to major parts of the site. A search engine to look for information.
Other Links
Checked periodically for relevance and existance.

Last updated on 28th of August 2001.

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