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Servalan: Exactly. And that is why Travis is here. Shadowing Docholli, waiting for Blake to arrive.

Jarriere; If you're right, Commander, when he comes round, we can force him to tell us where to find Docholli.

Servalan: That might take too long. Travis has a high pain threshold, and we don't have the proper facilities here. No. I have a better idea. Disconnect that artificial arm.

(We appologise to Jarriere's fans for the casting, but we were running out of figures :-) )

Krantor: [To Toise] That may win us a little time. But she's as perfidious and devious as a snake. Get word to Cevedic. Forget Docholli for the moment. I want Travis found and killed at once.

(You try making a small cat out of Lego)

Cevedic: Nice trade you're doing these days, Chenie.

Chenie: Until a minute ago.

Cevedic: Stay around, girls.

Cevedic: When Krantor wants somebody, nowhere's private. Now out of the way.

Chenie: Look, I swear I don't know where Kline is.

Vila plays roulette
Cally: What did you call me?

Jenna: A cheap little space tramp.

Cally: You slut!

Jenna: A ten-credit touch!

Servalan: Do you, Jarriere? Do you see at all?

Jarriere: Umm. Krantor doesn't want Docholli killed until he's learned what secret he carries.

Chenie: He doesn't need your help, Travis.

Travis: All right, all right, Chenie, but I need his! My arm.

Chenie: What happened?

Travis: The neural circuits have gone. He's the only man who can fix it for me.

Krantor: My dear sir, my congratulations! Five million! That is a record. While your money is being, uh ... packaged, I wonder if you would do Krantor the honor of joining him for a little celebratory drink ... in my sanctum.

Vila: Well, thank you kindly, Krantor. Thank you kindly.

Krantor: The terms of the game are: if Vila loses, he pays the usual penalty, but if he wins or draws, then I have promised to double his winnings. Yes, friends, he will leave here with ten million credits.

[Avon joins Vila and Krantor.]

Avon: [To Vila] Are you out of your skull?

Vila: [Drunkenly] Ah, Avon. Good ol' Avon. And good ol' Krantor. We're gonna have another game.

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