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Blake: You never knew the location of Star One?

Docholli: I was a surgeon, Blake. I thought if I kept out of Federation politics --

Travis: Docholli! My arm. You've got to fix it.

Avon: Play, Vila.

Vila: What?

Avon: Orac'll give you the moves.

Docholli: And that's when I decided to run for it. I faked the operation on the last of my victims. Ah! [Opens arm up.] What the devil?
Vila and Avon grab their winnings
Krantor: I don't understand, Toise. What happened?

Toise: What happened?! I'll tell you what happened, Krantor -- you blew it!

[Chenie enters the loading bay with a man in space gear.]

Chenie: What's going on?

Docholli: It's all right, Chenie. They're friends. They're friends.

Blake: Vila, I don't like that innocent look. What have you two been up to whilst we've been away?

Vila: Me? Nothing. Had a little sleep.

Avon: Played a little chess.

Vila: Played a little chess.

Avon: And that's all. [They exchange glances, then look back at Orac (still small). They turn to Blake. Sound as Orac changes back to full size.]

Vila: That's right, Blake. We had a real quiet time.

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