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Toise: It indicates that he possesses some important Federation secret.

Krantor: Which we can extract before giving her his body. Krantor wins both ways. Rule of the house. [Feeds Toise a cake.]

Avon: There is a casino down there. It is called the Big Wheel. No stake limits. Why don't we bust it?

Vila: Because we're up here and the casino's down there.

(Note Vila's Chess board)

Avon: [Considers, then inserts Orac's key] Orac, are you familiar with the theory of molecular reduction?

Avon: Do you seriously expect me to believe that you could -- for example -- reduce your size without affecting your function?

(Orac reduces his size)

Chenie: You want a drink now, Travis?
Travis: I'll have a vitazade.
Blake, Jenna and Cally go in for a drink
The game of speed chess starts; Thrylce plays the Klute
You have the advantage of the white pieces and the first move.
Servalan: He'll soon come round. Travis is very strong.

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