Brooke BarkerDirty BranchingTEN-CREDIT TOUCHwhichway story; A/B, B/J, orgy, B/V, B/G, A/G; humor US, 1993
Susan CutterBut That's the Way to BetSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5sequel to "Nor the Race to the Swift;" S1; implied A/J, A/C, A/V, and A/G US, 1999.5
M. Fae GlasgowThe ProtectorOBLAQUEA/G US, 1988
Adrian Alexander (=A.L. Hughes)DomesticityRESISTANCE #4A/G US, 1990
MishaIf There Were Dreams to Sell, What Would You Buy?SOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5alt-S1; C/Tr, C/Zelda, C/G, dream C/Tyce, dream A/G, past G/ocf, uc G/Tyce US, 1999.5
Vanessa MullenSubstituteSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/G US, 1994
Mal O'DarIt Wouldn't Happen to a Nicer GuyAVON, ANYONE?A/G US, 1987?
NovaWallsBEND ME, SHAPE MES1-S2; G POV; B/J, B/C, uc G/V, uc A/G, A/B AU, 2000.5
PredatrixIn Which Avon Gets Unbounced (or, the Avon Sandwich Story)THE ENDLESS FARCEor, the Avon Sandwich Story "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
PredatrixA Sight for Sore ArseTHE ENDLESS FARCEpart 4 of 4; S1; A/B, A/G "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
Willa ShakespeareA Sight for Sore ArseCOMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Twisted SisterThe Way the Game Is PlayedRISKuc A/G mm; US, 1997
Twisted SisterIn the Writer's ZoneFORBIDDEN STAR #2real world crossover; A/G; humor UK, 1997.12
Twisted SisterThe Characters' RevengeFORBIDDEN STAR #2sequel to "In the Writer's Zone;" real world crossover; A/G; humor UK, 1997.12
Twisted SisterWhich Way Story-- Gan Gets SomeTALES FROM SPACE CITYwritten for 1996 Labor Day Party; AU S4; A/G, implied G/So, G/Ta UK, 1998.10

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