Chronicles issues 52-60

CHRONICLES #60/61/62

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Long stories by Moira Dahlberg and Monica Bell, short stories by Susan Clarke, Andrew Williams. Art by Andrew Williams, minds-i-view, Bernice Cuffe and more. Cost: $12 in person; $15 posted in Aust.

Editors/publishers: Susan Clarke & Joanne Kerr
U.S. agents: Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe
Date: April 1996
Format: A4, 119 pp.

Susan Smith Clarke, "Jenna's Freedom" (S4; J)
Moira Dahlberg, "Child's Play" (Lyria Patel series #3; S3; B-ocf)
Susan Smith Clarke, "Setting Out" (S1, The Way Back; V; reprinted from INTERFACE #8)
Andrew Williams, "Lying, the Which and the Wardrobe" (S1; DW and HHGG crossover; A-V)
Sheila Tracy, "Through Chase and Slime with Rojinald Blackout (with apologies to Ferdinand Feghoot and Grendel Briarton)" (1 of 2; feghoot; S4; Se; humor)
Monica Bell, "Gateway" (S3)
Susan Smith Clarke, "A Moment Out of Time" (alt-S3; B)
Sheila Tracy, "Through Chase and Slime with Rojinald Blackout (with apologies to Ferdinand Feghoot and Grendel Briarton)" (2 of 2; feghoot; S5; Se; humor)

Kathryn Andersen, "Blake's 7 Crossword: Season A (2)"
"Fanzine Listing, Clarke & Keating Ink"
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<=minds-i-view=> front c. B-Tr1
p. 6 B
p. 40 V
p. 84 D
p. 111 A-B on Terminal
back c. B
Bernice Cuffe p. 4 J (same as #48, p. 15)
p. 59 Liberator
Denise Loague p. 10 B
Tod Parish p. 26 B with beard
p. 32 D
Rosemarie Woodhouse p. 62 V
Theresa Buffaloe p. 70 A and show logo
Andrew Williams p. 74 S4 A-V-D
Fiona Ellem p. 106 D


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The latest issue of the long-running, multi-award winning series of B7 fanzines Chronicles. With fiction by Sue Bursztynski, Katrina M Harkess, Kathryn Andersen, Yvonne S Hintz, Andrew Williams and Sheila Tracy. Art by Bernice Cuffe, Fiona Ellem, John Tipper, Andrew Williams.

Review By Sarah Thompson

Look what I just got from Linda Knights! What a happy surprise. But what I want to know is, so, when did it come out?? There's no date in the zine itself.

The editorials mention that there are two more issues soon to come, and thank Pat Fenech for her help in encouraging contributions. Oh good! Hope there will soon be a new =Blake's 7: The Other Side= too. And here's another thank-you to Pat for all she has done to further B7 fandom.

Pat or anyone who knows the publishers, do please ask them to post notices on the e-mail lists whenever the new zines come out.

This issue's stories include a long (20 pp.), relatively optimistic PGP for the A-B fans; a prequel to "Powerplay" for the Tarrant fans; Vila using his skills to extract himself from a dangerous predicament; and a trilogy of short stories about Travis's wife. Overall, recommended.

I have a small complaint about the U.S. edition: many of the pages are printed slightly crooked, and I wish they had been laid out so that the extra space at the side that is left when copying A4 onto letter size paper was consistently placed along the inside margin. Presumably these problems do not affect the original Australian edition.


Editor: Andrew Williams (Liverpool, NSW)
Publisher: Susan Batho (new name of Susan Clarke; Faulconbridge, NSW)
U.S. distributor: Linda Knights (Sumas, WA)
Date: [1999?]
Format: A4 (U.S. edition is letter size), 59 pp., white card covers, brown comb binding

Sue Bursztynski, "Recalled to Life" (S5; A-B)
Katrina M. Harkness, "Confrontation" (S0; Se-Tr-ocf)
Katrina M. Harkness, "Irony" (sequel to "Confrontation;" S2; Tr-ocf)
Yvonne S. Hintz, "Vila's Gamble" (S3; V)
Katrina M. Harkness, "The Other Side of the Coin" (sequel to "Irony;" S2; ocf)
Andrew Williams, "The Only Safety" (S3, pre-Powerplay; Ta)
Sheila Tracy, "Through Chase and Slime with Rojinald Blackout (with apologies to Ferdinand Feghoot and Grendel Briarton)" (feghoot; S1; A-J; humor)

Susan, "Last minute publisher's note"
Jenny Gallagher, "Terry Nation" (eulogy, reprinted from CENTERO #64 [AU, 1997.4])
Andrew Williams, "Guestitorial"
Kathryn Andersen, "Blake's 7 Crossword, Season B"
Andrew Williams, "Orac Service Manual" (humor)
Kathryn Andersen, "Answers to Blake's 7 Crossword, Season B"
"Locol" (LoCs)

Andrew Williams front c. D-Ta
p. 40 Scorpio
p. 41 Ta
p. 50 Ta
back c. Se, Liberator
Bernice Cuffe p. 22 J
p. 25 Se
Fiona Ellem p. 28 Se, Tr2
p. 36 Ta
John Tipper p. 30 Se


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(60 pgs) August 1999 issue. With B7 fiction by Pat Fenech, Alison Glover, Yvonne Hintz, Ana Morgan, Edwina Harvey and Judith Proctor.


See CHRONICLES #65 for details.

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See CHRONICLES #66 for details.

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