Chronicles issue 67/68

Chronicles 67/68 is a double issue celebrating twenty years of Chronicles and has a strong "Blake" flavour, including an article by Joyce Bowen entitles "Roj Blake, Television Knight". Other contributors in this 104pp zine include, Natasa Tucev, Marian de Haan, Moira Dahlberg, Philippa Watts, Louise Rutter, Jackie Speel, Neil Faulkner, Katrina Harkness, and Sally Manton. Some wonderful art by Kathryn Andersen, Val Westall, Marian de Hann and the wonderfully talented Andrew Williams.

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Review by Joyce Bowen

Chronicles 67/68 (summer 2002) is the 20th anniversary issue of Chronicles, the longest running ACTIVE Blake's 7 genzine in the world. This is a Blake Bonanza issue as well. Chronicles hasn't been noted for its Blake content for years, so this is a welcome change for this Blake fan.

This zine is available from Susan Batho (editor) and Judith Proctor (agent)

Submissions are always wanted for this genzine, and they are to be sent to Andrew Williams (guest editor & jack of all trades)

This zine is 104 pages and easily worth the $11-12 USD cash for everyone not an Australian. It is, however, probably easier for most people to order through Judith.

This is the only Chronicles I have participated in (except for a few LOCs), although I have bought every single issue and yearbook ever done in its 20 year run.

This LOC (or sorta review) will be semi-terse because I don't want to take away the enjoyment of your exploration of the zine. There is a lot of art in this by various people, with most of it being Andrew's. I especially like the cover, a Blake, by Kathryn Anderson and several of the Andrew Blakes on pp. 23, 33, 72 and 78.

I'm not going to comment on the short short stories in this. Plus I'm not going to comment on my Blake article, the condensed title of which is "Roj Blake, Television Knight," except to thank Andrew for his editing help and all the art he used to "pretty up" the pages. I like the watermark idea and hope it sees more use in Chronicles in the future.

First off, I will just out and out state I had three favorite stories in the zine. None of the stories were losers. Overall, this is an enjoyable zine that I actually read all of, something I very rarely do.

My three favorites were "A Dead King" by Natasa Tucev, "Reunion Denied" by Andrew Williams, and "Fight the Good Fight" by Philippa Watts.

"A Dead King" by Natasa Tucev was a pre-"The Way Back" Vila and Blake story which is the first story in the zine. It's a nice story with an equally nicely done ending.

"Reunion Denied" by Andrew Williams is a season 3 story involving Blake, Deva, Jenna, and several original characters which has a great ending.

"Fight the Good Fight" by Philippa Watts is another season 3 story where Avon thinks he has finally found Blake. The ending of this is also well done.

I guess I'm a sucker for stories with well planned endings because that is something all three of my favorites have in common as well as the fact that they concern Blake in some manner.

The rest of the stories were entertaining, and I'll briefly comment on these in no particular order. "No Substitute" By Jackie Speel is a post Gauda Prime story with a twist. Avon is the real hero of this story, and Blake has problems.

"The Perfect Solution" by Marian de Haan is a second season story focused on three original characters. Like the above, Avon is the real brains, and Blake is somewhat lacking in comparison.

"And Grow Roses" by Moira Dahlberg is a third season very alternate universe story with an original character from 500 years in the future from B7's time who doesn't have a prime directive about changing the imperfect past. Blake is not in this, but he is mentioned often.

"Solstice" by Sally Manton is a story set right after "Blake" with the emphasis on Vila. The tension of the story revolves around whether Blake will live or die. Vila worries about Blake and Avon equally.

I recommend this genzine. And I hope the gen writers reading this consider submitting stories in the future so that Chronicles can celebrate another birthday issue in the future.

Joyce Bowen ( I like Blake; I think he's great. )


Editor: Susan Batho
Guest editor: Andrew Williams
Publisher: S & G Batho
Date: March 2002
Format: A4, 104 pp. including covers, orange paper covers, side staples

Natasha Tucev, "A Dead King" (S1, The Way Back - S0; B- V)
Marian de Haan, "The Perfect Solution" (S2)
Moira Dahlberg, "And Grow Roses" (S3; ocf)
Phillipa Watts, "Fight the Good Fight" (S3; A-B clone)
Andrew Williams, "Reunion Denied" (S3)
Phillipa Watts, "Goodnight, Stranger"(alt-S4, alt-post- Orbit; A-V)
Louise Rutter, "Regarding Blake" (S5; B)
Jackie Speel, "No Substitute" (S5; B-V-A)
Neil Faulkner, "Avon's Gardening Diary" (S5?; A, So; humor)
Jackie Speel, "The Way Back?" (S5 - alt-S1; B)
Katrina Harkess, "Memories of Another Tree" (S5; B-A)
Sally Manton, "Solstice" (S5; V, A-B; Christmas, sort of)

Susan Batho, "Editorial"
Andrew Williams, "Guestitorial"
Joyce Bowen, "Roj Blake, Television Knight" (essay)
"Blake's 7 Bookclub" (humor)
"B7-related Audio Plays (advert)"
"Deja Vu: A Chronicles Space-Filler" (actors)
"B7 & Punk: A Chronicles Space-Filler" (mini-essay)
Letters of Comment

Helen Krummenacker, limerick inside story by Natasha Tucev
Anonymous, "The Most Important Thing" (S3, Deathwatch; A-Ta)

Kathryn Andersen cover, tp B
Val Westall p. 11 B-V; illo for "Dead King"
back c. B
Marian de Haan p. 18 A-C
Andrew Williams p. 7 dome
p. 13 V
p. 17 B
p. 23 B
p. 27 G
p. 31 Liberator
p. 32 B
p. 33 B
p. 34 B
p. 35 B-A
p. 36 B-A
p. 37 Decima
p. 38 B & Decimas; illo for essay
p. 43 C-Ta-A-V
p. 47 Liberator
p. 48 A-Se
p. 51 Ta
p. 59 Se
p. 60 B7 Bookclub illos
p. 61 A
p. 67 B
p. 68 cartoon
p. 74 A in Deathwatch
p. 75 S4 A
p. 76 V
p. 77 GP B
p. 78 GP B
p. 83 S4 A
p. 87 "Tosh" Lines
p. 88 GP A
p. 89 GP B
p. 90 A
p. 94 V
p. 98 V
p. 103 Se postage stamp

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