Mini Review by Sarah Thompson

This is an all-A-B gen zine, highly recommended. Very slashy! :) It's especially good for Blake fans, since IMO several of the stories are much more about Blake than about Avon. The three wonderful stories by Suzan Lovett (including my alltime favorite gen A-B story, "Ring of Fire") have been reprinted by Judith in The Road to Hell , but it's still worth looking for a used copy of the zine, for the other stories and for the yummy art.


Editors/publishers: Ellen L. Kobrin (Massapequa, NY) and Annette Hall
Date: 1989

Suzan Lovett, "Gemini Rising" (S5; A-B)
Ellen L. Kobrin, "And Wrath Did End" (S2; Star One; A-B)
Marion McChesney, "Like a Thief in the Night" (S3; B)
Suzan Lovett, "Circle of Fire" (S4; alt-Blake; A-B)
Linda Terrell, "The Devil With a Computer" (S5; B)
Ellen L. Kobrin, "Perchance to Dream" (S3; A-B)
Suzan Lovett, "Lightbridge" (S3)
Ellen L. Kobrin, "The Sleep of Death" (S4; Blake; B)
Linda Knights, "Be But a Story That They Tell" (alt-S3; B)
Annette Hall, "Much Abides" (S5; A-B)

Annette Hall, "Knight Fall"
Ellen L. Kobrin, "Visionary"
Ellen L. Kobrin, "Beginning of the..."
Marion McChesney, "The River"
Ellen L. Kobrin, "Gethsemane"
Marion McChseney, "The Road to Gauda Prime"
Ellen L. Kobrin, "Beyond the Horizon"
Ellen L. Kobrin, "The Watcher"

Suzan Lovett cover A, B as fire, GP B as ice
facing p. 14 GP B & image of knight
facing p. 20 B and water jar
facing p. 54 A crying on B
facing p. 104 A in skintight black
Annette Hall p. 13 illo for "Gemini Rising"
facing p. 86 B in cloak
Gayle Feyrer facing p. 28 illo for "Circle of Fire"
Jean Kluge facing p. 64 B; illo for "Lightbridge"

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