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is a non-profit organisation, owned and operated by me, Ian Cameron Smith. It's basically a forum for anything that takes my fancy: my own interests, friends' stuff... whatever.

The biggest feature here is undoubtedly Judith proctor's Blake's 7 site. The biggest project of my own was the Hermit Eclipse site, now moved to moonblinkinfo.

Except where otherwise noted, the contents of these pages are 1995-2014 Ian Cameron Smith.

Hermits On The Net

Since I set up hermit.org in April 1996, way before the web was even trendy, I got in and grabbed this cool domain name (well, I think so) before anyone else got a chance to. So, out of sympathy to the others, here are some links to more web hermits.

Robert Harrill, Fort Fisher Hermit

Hermits of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

hermit.org Blake's 7 Eclipse

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