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What has Stephen Greif done recently

Stephen is currently playing sleazy Hitler-loving producer Barney Evans in the John Osborne revival 'An Epitaph for George Dillon' at the Comedy Theatre, Panton Street, London W1. It stars Joseph Fiennes and Francesca Annis and is directed by Royal Court Director Peter Gill. Box office 0870 060 6622. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Stephen plays Leonidov in a new comedy/action film 'Back in Business' along with Martin Kemp, Chris Barrie, Brian Blessed & Dennis Waterman, due for release early 2006. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Stephen will be appearing in the next season of 'Judge John Deed' for BBC 1, again playing Lorne Michaels QC in the episode 'Lost Youth'. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Stephen was honoured to have been chosen as one of the 100 Alumni included in a specially commissioned book of portraits by Cambridge Jones celebrating RADA's centenary and entitled Off Stage. The list of portraits featured is a dazzling record of contemporary stars from the stage and screen, including images of John Hurt, Alan Rickman, Sir Ian Holm, Joan Collins, Imelda Staunton, June Whitfield, Ioan Gruffud, Glenda Jackson and Jane Horrocks. With a foreword by Lord Attenborough, the book also includes an introduction by Miranda Sawyer as well as interviews with all the actors and is available from all good bookshops. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Stephen opens as John Faa in 'His Dark Materials' Parts 1 and 2 based on the novels by Philip Pullman, adapted by Nicholas Wright, at the National (Olivier Theatre), South Bank, London SE1. Part 1 opens from 4th December; Part 2 from 13th December until 20th March 04. Box Office 020 7452 3000 or book online at The National Theatre Source Horizon - 4 Dec 03

The Play(s): This riveting story unfolds over the course of two plays, approximately 3 hours each part. There are as many worlds as there are possibilities. I toss a coin. It comes down heads. But in another world, it comes down tails. Every time that a choice is made, or a chance is missed, or a fork in a road is taken... a world is born for each of the other things that might have happened. And there, they do.

His Dark Materials takes us on a thrilling journey through worlds familiar and unknown. For Lyra and Will, its two central characters, it's a coming of age and a transforming spiritual experience. Their great quest demands a savage struggle against the most dangerous of enemies. They encounter fantastical creatures in parallel worlds - rebellious angels, soul-eating spectres, child- catching Gobblers and the armoured bears and witch-clans of the Arctic. Finally, before reaching, perhaps, the republic of heaven, they must visit the land of the dead.

It's an epic production both in its narrative scope and its staging, involving artists from new technologies as well as old. Nicholas Wright adapts Philip Pullman's three novels into two big plays for a cast of more than 30. His Dark Materials is one of the National's most ambitious projects, and aims to create an experience as meaningful for 12 year olds as for adults.

September 20th - 10th Planet shop Barking. For the release of Kaldor City 5 "Checkmate" and "Liberation" an unofficial Blake's 7 guide.  Signing on the day will be Stephen Grief, Paul Darrow, David Jackson, David Bailie, Alan Stevens & Fiona Moore. Many Sources

Stephen is appearing in two plays at the Olivier, Royal National Theatre.

1) The National Theatre in London is doing a version of "His Girl Friday" by John Guare, directed by Broadway Director Jack O'Brien, from 29th May to end August. I notice Stephen Greif is in the cast, playing Diamond Louie. See The National Theatre. Source Hafren

2) Stephen plays the Interrogator in 'Edmond' by David Mamet, which stars Kenneth Branagh as Edmond, directed by Edward (son of Sir Peter) Hall. It runs from 10th July until 4th October. Play: Played out in 23 quick fire scenes, Mamet's Edmond charts the rapid fall of a New York businessman who leaves his wife and job after a meeting with a fortune-teller. Freed from the responsibilities of his former life Edmond plunges into a sordid world of pimps, peepshows and prostitutes where he is mugged and robbed and embarks on a career of violence. It is only when he has lost everything that Edmond crawls out of the moral abyss and finds hope of redemption. Source Horizon 11-May-03

This is older news culled from the Whats the cast doing now page.

Gareth's signing session at the Who Shop has now been rescheduled to Sunday 25th November from 12 noon to 3pm. Gareth will be signing copies of the newly released Big Finish CD 'Dalek Empire - Pt 3' in which he plays the enigmatic Kalendorf. Joining him will be Stephen Greif signing copies of the Big Finish CD 'Primeval' in which he plays the evil Kwundar.

The Who Shop is at 4 Station Parade, High Street North, East Ham, London E6 1JD. Tel: 010 8471 2356.

More info will shortly be on their website at www.thewhoshop.com along with details of many other signings/events. There's no entry fee to the shop, and purchase of at least one of the featured CDs allows you to have 2 personal items signed plus any number of Gareth & Stephen's photos, which will also be available to buy on the day.

see www.thewhoshop.com (sources Gareth Thomas and Horizon 26 October '01)

Stephen is preparing to narrate his first complete book - it's by Jake Arnott called 'He Kills Coppers', a follow up to 'The Long Firm'. Source Horizon 16-Oct-01

Stephen recently did some filming on "Shackleton", the new Kenneth Branagh vehicle for CH4 to be screened sometime in 2002. Source Horizon 18-Sep-01

Stephen is currently playing Maurice in Noel Coward's Fallen Angels at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1 (Box office 020 7494 5070) until at least March 2001. Source Horizon 8-Jan-01

Stephen will be playing Maurice in Noel Coward's 'Fallen Angels' with Felicity Kendall and Frances de la Tour, directed by Michael Rudman. It opens at the Theatre Royal, Windsor 5/23 September (BO 01753 853888), then New Victoria Theatre, Peacocks Centre, Woking 25/30 September. Box Office No. is 01483 761144. Then 09/14 October at The Theatre Royal, Bath (BO 01225 448844) and on to the Appollo, Shaftesbury Avenue, W1 (BO 020 7494 5070). Source Horizon 20-8-00

The tale basically comprises... "The two ladies are long time best friends and are in companionable but staid marriages. Each of them has had an affair with charming Frenchman Maurice. When old flame Maurice travels back to London, both girls are torn between the thirst for passion that he represents and fear for the stability of their marriages".

Stephen has just recorded his interview for the MythMakers series of video interview tapes. The tape is due for release in September. Source Horizon 18-7-00

Stephen Greif filmed an advert for VW cars in Budapest with Honor Blackman. This advert will only be shown in Germany. Source Horizon 13-6-00

Stephen Greif will be appearing in 'The Last Sortie' at the New End Theatre, Hampstead from 11 February to 05 March. BO 020 7794 0022. Tuesday/Saturday at 7.30pm and matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 15.30.

This is an American piece about a group of ex-bomber pilots who return for a reunion and an enquiry. Source - Horizon

Stephen Greif has done 5 voices on a Monopoly CD game which is due out for Christmas. - Source - Horizon

Stephen Greif's Kenco coffee ad is also getting a lot of airtime again

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