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What has Gareth done recently

This is older news culled from the Whats the cast doing now page.

The BBC have produced a programme called "The Cult of Blake's 7" to be broadcast on BBC4 in November, featureing many of the cast, clips and outtakes. Details.

Gareth is currently filming an episode of the Doctor Who spin-off series 'Torchwood' for the BBC. He's playing a character called Edwin but not yet sure of the episode name/number or transmission date. Source Horizon - 23/6/06

Gareth has recorded one of Francis Durbridge's Paul Temple stories for BBC Radio 4, 'Paul Temple and the Sullivan Affair'. This will be broadcast weekly for 8 weeks. Gareth plays two Egyptians, an Irishman, a Frenchman, a German and Sir Graham Forbes!" Source Horizon - 23/6/06

The second series of 'Distant Shores' in which Gareth plays Charles McAllister is due to air in early 2006. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Gareth has just recorded several more episodes for the CBBC fantasy game show 'Raven' as the voice of the Wisdom Tree. 'Raven' is a similar type of show to the old 'Crystal Maze' in which the mysterious Raven calls together six young warriors to face a series of mental and physical challenges. It's being shown at the moment on CBBC on weekday afternoons 4.30 - 5 pm and weekday mornings 8 - 8.30 am. Source Horizon - 23/11/05

Gareth will be playing a Judge who has 'made mistakes' in an episode of the new season of 'Taggart'. Gareth also plays the voice of The Riddle Tree in the CBBC show 'The Raven'. No screening dates available yet for these.

'Boys will be Boys' will also be at the Theatre Royal Windsor from 4th to 9th August 2003.
Box Office: 01753 853888
Information Line: 09068 323366
Showtimes are at 8pm nightly, With Matinées on Thursday at 2.30pm and Saturday at 4.45pm, Website.

Gareth starts rehearsals in early June for his role as Gus (Lenny's father) in 'Boys will be Boys', a new play written, directed by and starring Simon Williams. It opens at The Mill, Sonning, Berkshire on 24th June until 2nd August.

Play: Romantic fiction, written by a woman for women is what the female species want to read. That's what publishers think! So the very masculine Lenny has been masquerading for a long time as Myrtle Banbury, the queen of romantic novels. But now he has had enough of the fame, the lies, the lipstick, the wig - to say nothing of the high heels. To complicate matters he has fallen desperately in love. He decides to 'kill off' his auntie Myrtle. But Lenny has reckoned without the notorious journalist, Letitia Butters who really believes Lenny has murdered his aunt. Lovelorn and miserably hoist on his own petard, Lenny improvises a hasty reincarnation for Myrtle. During the frantic séance that follows Lenny makes sure that his cross-dressing alter ego will never again come back to haunt him.

Venue: The Mill, Sonning Eye, Sonning, Berkshire RG4 0TW - Box Office 0118 9698 000. Website.

Source Horizon - 30 May 03

Gareth has now recorded his fourth and fifth episodes of Yorkshire TV's 'Heartbeat' as Nathanial Clegghorn. One episode - `Moving Target' aired 13th April 03. The other episode 'Absent Friends' was shown on 11th May it's about 2 people who go missing. Source - various

Gareth has recorded another radio play, this time for BBC Radio 3 - `Parade's End' an adaptation of the play by Ford Maddox Ford, directed by Patrick Raynor. He plays The General (Godfather to the hero). It was broadcast on 18th May from 6.30 to 9.15 pm. The books follow the life of Christopher Tietjens before, during and after the First World War. Source Horizon - 1 May 03

Gareth will be playing General Pokorne in a play for BBC Radio 4 'Offside in Bohemia'. Broadcast is scheduled for Saturday 7th December 14.30/15.30. Source Horizon - 28-Sep-02

Gareth will be playing Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams' classic 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' from 7th to 23rd November at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Fife. Box Office 01334 475 000. He played this part a few years ago see Gareth's other roles.

Gareth will be playing Michael James Flaherty - a fat, jolly publican in 'The Playboy of the Western World' by J M Synge at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh from 07/28 September, Box Office 0131 248 4848.

'The Playboy of the Western World' - In a pub at the centre of a tiny, remote, lawless village on the wild coast of County Mayo, a stranger stumbles in and rips apart the status quo. As he is quizzed by the locals, a shocking story emerges. However, far from being repelled by this fanciful tale of patricide, the locals welcome him with a mixture of admiration, jealousy and flirtation.

When it was first produced in 1907, this fiery, intoxicating comedy shook the dramatic world, testing the limits of decency and fanning an already raging nationalistic fire. Although it provoked instant rioting and controversy after its Dublin premiere with its satiric and sensuous presentation of the lives of Irish country folk, Synge's fresh, inspiring masterpiece of poetic playwrighting is now considered a milestone in twentieth-century drama. Source Horizon - 09-Aug-02

Shipman: Finally, the drama documentary about the serial killer Doctor Shipman, in which Gareth plays the Vicar, was shown on Tuesday 9th July, on ITV/Carlton - 9pm/10pm and concluding 10.20pm/11.20pm.

Gareth is set to record another episode of BBC1's 'Casualty'. He plays a retired fireman who get his leg run over by his son-in-law who is trying to abduct his (Gareth's) grandson. This is episode 11 of Series 17 'Up to your neck in it', projected screening date 23 November 02. Gareth's character is called Jim Bailey. Sources - Joyce Bowen and Horizon.

On August 25th at Memorabilia, SECC, Glasgow from 11am to 4pm. Both Gareth and Paul Darrow will be there.

Gareth was in a signing session at the The Videodrome, The Shambles, Worcester on Saturday 18th May from 10am-1pm

Gareth will be playing Army Medical Officer Doctor Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin in Anton Chekhov's 'Three Sisters', which stars Imogen Stubbs and Dulcie Gray. The play opens at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton on 11 April for a month, and then a short tour. The dates/venues are:

11 April/11 May 02 - Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. Box Office 023 8067 1771

13/18 May 02 - The Malvern Theatre, Malvern. Box Office 01684 892277

20/25 May 02 - New Victoria Theatre, Woking. Box Office 01483 761144

27 May/01 June 02 - Theatre Royal, Bath. Box Office 01225 448844

There's a further week 03/08 June in Cambridge - details not yet available. THREE SISTERS - The Prozoroff sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, and their brother, Andrei, dream of better days and long for Moscow. This Chekhov play is a tragedy in that no one gets his or her dreams fulfilled. Thomas plays Chebutykin and appears throughout the play, his first words being "in Hell" and his last words being "Oh,yes" He plays an Army doctor in his 60's who has a drink problem and who is regarded as something of a fool at times. He isn't any happier than the other characters but he isn't deluded with false dreams and he seems to accept his life for what it is. He is, however, haunted by his incompetence which is shown in his big scene in act 3 of the 4 acts. Source - Joyce Bowen.

THREE SISTERS - Marooned in a provincial backwater, the cultured Prozorov sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, and their brother, Andrei, dream of freedom, fulfilment, and romance and long for faraway Moscow. On a gloriously sunny day, Irina's Saint's-day, the wheels are set in motion on events which will transform the family and change their lives forever.

Source Horizon - 13-3-02

Gareth is going to be in yet another Big Finish production - a Tomorrow People story called 'The Sign of Diolyx' (written by Who author and SFX wizard Mike Tucker, and ex EastEnders story editor Robert Perry), which is being recorded just before Christmas. The story is set in the Welsh countryside and Gareth plays the father of a newly emerging Tomorrow Person. Source Horizon - 7-1-02

SIGNING SESSION - Gareth was signing copies of the newly released Big Finish CD 'Dalek Empire IV - 'Project Infinity' in which he stars as Kalendorf. It's at the 10th Planet Bookshop, Unit 36 Vicarage Field, Shopping Centre, Ripple Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8DQ. On Saturday 19th January, from 1/4pm.

Gareth is playing M Maingot in Terence Rattigan's 'French Without Tears' at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter from 07/23 February 2002. Box office 01392 493493. "I'm afraid my part's 95% in French," he says... but we're sure it will still be worth the trip (he's teaching 3 young English lads to speak French..).
Source Horizon - 17-1-02

Gareth is in the classic serial 'Rob Roy' on Radio 4 which starts at 3pm on Sunday 20th January 2002. He is playing the parts of Sir Hildebrande Osbaldistone and a Barber and a Servant. It is a new three part adaption to be repeated on the following Saturday at 9pm. Source The Radio Times

Gareth is reading a play in London, on Monday 19th November - lunchtime. Doing a play reading Upstairs at The Gatehouse (Pub/Theatre), Highgate (Junction of Hampstead Lane & North Road), North London.) The performance begins at 12.30pm - the play is 'The Last Moons' by Furial Bordon (or some similar spelling!!), adapted by William Weaver. Director is David Newman (who was Assistant Director at Nottingham last year when Gareth starred in 'Dear Brutus' and 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. The play is being put on as part of a 2 week programme by John Caird/the Trevor Nunn group, to promote an awareness of new writers and directors. 'The Last Moons' is on at 12.30pm, tickets are £5 (£3 conc). Gareth says Act 2 is him doing a monologue. The play takes a wry, intimate and funny look at the subject of Old Age! Source Horizon - 17-11-01

Gareth's signing session at the Who Shop has now been rescheduled to Sunday 25th November from 12 noon to 3pm. Gareth will be signing copies of the newly released Big Finish CD 'Dalek Empire - Pt 3' in which he plays the enigmatic Kalendorf. Joining him will be Stephen Greif signing copies of the Big Finish CD 'Primeval' in which he plays the evil Kwundar.

The Who Shop is at 4 Station Parade, High Street North, East Ham, London E6 1JD. Tel: 010 8471 2356.

More info will shortly be on their website at www.thewhoshop.com along with details of many other signings/events. There's no entry fee to the shop, and purchase of at least one of the featured CDs allows you to have 2 personal items signed plus any number of Gareth & Stephen's photos, which will also be available to buy on the day.

see www.thewhoshop.com (sources Gareth Thomas and Horizon 26 October '01)

Gareth has recorded soldiers of Love 8,9 on the weekend of 2 Sept. SOL 8 will be released on 25 October 2001.

Gareth will be playing Rutherford in Rutherford and Son at the Playhouse Theatre, Salisbury. From 4th to 27th October 2001. See More details and trips. Source - Salisbury Playhouse.

Gareth has just recorded an episode of 'Doctors' for the BBC. He appears as a sick farmer in episode 18 'Chip off the old Block' - due to air late September/early October. Gareth has also just recorded an interview for the Channel 4 'Top 10' show (presumably 'Top 10: Sci- Fi shows). This is also likely to air September/October - more info soon. In early September he will be recording the next episodes of the Big Finish 'Dalek Empire' and MJTV 'Soldiers of Love' CDs. Source Horizon - 25-7-01

Gareth is just about to record an episode of the BBC 1 afternoon soap 'Doctors', episode entitled 'Chip off the old block'. He plays a bedridden farmer called Les. No screening date yet, but it's a fast turnaround so keep an eye out for it. Source Horizon - 5-7-01

Gareth plays Kalendorf in the 4 part Big Finish CD story 'Empire of the Daleks' written and directed by Nicholas Briggs. Part 1 has already been recorded, and is due for release 29th June. Gareth will be recording Part 2 in early June. Source Horizon - 20-5-01

Gareth in the Edinburgh Fastival - Gareth will be appearing in 'Moving Objects', a play written for him by Mark D. Thompson (who directed him in 'Hamlet' and 'Twelfth Night' at the Brunton theatre). Gareth plays Joseph Leibovitch, an East European refugee from the Holocaust, now working as a pawnbroker. The play runs from 10 - 24 August at the Brunton Theatre, Musselborough, near Edinburgh. (It's a nice little theatre, well worth going to). The dates are 10/24 August. Source Mark Thompson

Gareth and Jaqueline Pearce will be at Eclectic 21. 25th to 27th May 2001. (see Conventions.

Gareth will be at Nexus 6th to 8th July 2001. (see Conventions.

Gareth will be playing the Vicar in a drama documentary about 'doctor death' Harold Shipman, along with James Bolam as Shipman and James Hazeldine as the policeman. It will probably be shown on Channel ITV and he's due to film it in the spring (no dates yet). This was to be shown in September, but further police investigations into Shipman's case have put the broadcast date back. Sources Gareth Thomas and Horizon - 16-2-01

Gareth was at Redemption from 23rd to 25th February 2001.

Gareth will be in Possessions a video made by MJTV. Gareths part of this was filmed on 19th and 20th February 2001. 30-4-01 - Six Foot High Films say that they plan to release 'Possessions' on video. We'll let you know when we have details.

Gareth has recorded parts in three episodes of Baddiel's Syndrome which is broadcast on Sky. He was in the episode "Dead Grandma" on Jan 21st and Dream Home on 19th March, the third episode has yet to be broadcast.

Gareth appeared in Hamlet playing Polonius, and The Gravedigger, at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (near Edinburgh) from 1st to 17th February 2001.

Gareth has recorded another episode in the new 'alternative' comedy series 'Baddiel's Syndrome' with David Baddiel and Nigel Planer. That makes 3 episodes so far. This is due to be broadcast on Sky a little later in the year. Source Horizon - 28-9-00

Gareth Thomas will play Oberon/Theseus in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' from 8th September until 21st October at the Nottingham Playhouse (tel 0115 941 9419) and then also a major role in 'Dear Brutus' by J.M. Barrie, which opens 29th September for one week, then the two plays are in rep until 21st October.

Gareth as Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream. With Veronica Leer as Puck.

Photo provided by The Nottingham Playhouse

On 3 dates you can see both shows on the same day.

7 October - 2.30pm 'Dear Brutus', then 7.45pm 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'

14 October and 21 October - 2.30pm 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and then 7.45pm 'Dear Brutus'.

On the dates with both shows, the theatre has a special deal including dinner between the shows if you book for both. The prices for the Dream ticket to see both plays and a meal are £26.95 for standard seats and light main course meal or £37.95 for first class seats and a 3 course meal.

The above information comes from Horizon, Gareth Thomas and from Hazel Trenbirth.

"Storm Warning" (January 2001): Written by Alan Barnes (editor of Doctor Who Magazine), directed by Gary Russell. Paul McGann returns to Doctor Who in the first of four stories as the Eighth Doctor; also introducing India Fisher as Charlotte "Charley" Pollard and guest starring Gareth Thomas ("Blake's 7") as Lord Tamworth. "After a dangerous encounter in the space/time vortex, the Doctor finds himself on Earth, October 1930. Or rather above it, aboard the British airship R101 on it's maiden voyage over France. Also on board is a young stowaway, Charlotte 'Charley' Pollard, seeking adventure and excitement away from her stifling family atmosphere. What Charley doesn¹t know but the Doctor does is that the flight is destined to end in tragedy, although no-one really knows why. Not even the Doctor, although maybe the passenger in Cabin 43 can help..." Also starring Nicholas Pegg (Frayling), Barnaby Edwards (Rathbone), Hylton Collins (Chief Steward Weeks), and Helen Goldwyn (Triskelion). Set around an airship disappearance in 1930. Sources Big Finish and David McIntee. This CD will be available here when it is produced.

Following the success of the signing session at the 10th Planet Bookshop in Barking the shop were so impressed with him that they've arranged for him to do another session on Saturday 13th January 2001 (work committments permitting) to sign copies of the new Big Finish 'Doctor Who' CD 'Storm Warning' in which he plays Lord Tamworth. Further details nearer the time.

2 May (probably) - Gareth Thomas did recording work on a video single 'Legal Man' for the band Belle and Sebastian, appearing with "two belly dancers, a couple of transvestites, two 'dandies', and a girl with a python" in a set based on Soho gentlemen's club circa 1967. More Details.

GARETH THOMAS wil be doing a a TV voice-link-trailer in Scotland this week and next week he will be recording a Doctor Who CD for Big Finish Productions. He will be playing Lord Tamworth, a British politician aboard the R101 airship in 1930. The script is by Alan Barnes and directed by Gary Russell. source Horizon - 11 May '00

Gareth Thomas appeared at Manchester's Fab Cafe on Tues 9th May for 'An Audience With Gareth Thomas' starting at 8.00. He's been there before and is a popular guest. The cafe is themed around Cult TV programmes and friends who've been there say it has a really nice atmosphere. You can get free tickets by calling at the cafe in advance.

Gareth Thomas has confirmed he will be the focus of MJTV's new range of CDs - The Actor Speaks. These will be available through this site. Gareth will be signing these CDs at 'Tenth Planet' in Barking, Essex on 1st July from 12 - 3pm. Photos of Gareth will also be available on the day.

Gareth Thomas will be in the pilot of a new comedy for Sky TV - 'Baddiel's Syndrome' starring David Baddiel. Gareth plays Colin, Baddiel's father, in 2 episodes. This will be recorded April/May and if it goes to a series, hopefully Gareth's character will be retained. Sources - Horizon and Gareth Thomas.

Gareth Thomas will appear as Dackie Bechard, the landlord of a country pub, in episode 6 of the remake TV series 'Randall & Hopkirk, deceased' starring Reeves & Mortimer. First episode airs Saturday 18th March on BBC1 at 8.55pm. Gareth will be in episode 6 - 'A Man of Substance' which should be Saturday 22nd April.

Gareth Thomas will be appearing in Equus at Salisbury Playhouse from 24th March to 8th April. He's playing the psychiatrist. box office is 01722 320333. Source- Gareth

More details.

GARETH THOMAS will be playing Sir Toby Belch in a production of 'Twelfth Night' at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (near Edinburgh) from 27 January to 12 February 2000. Box office No. is 0131 665 2240.

Lots of reviews and articles.

Sky 1 will be screening 'The Strangerers', the wacky new SF/comedy series by Rob Grant for 10 weeks from 15th February 2000 (8.30pm) Gareth is in ep. 1 and Paul is in 7 or 8 episodes after that, playing Mr Seedy. Source Sheelagh Wells. (Note this was earlier shown as the 1st) The repeat of 'The Strangerers' is listed as on the following Mondays at 10pm

The Strangerers now has a web site. Source - Steve Rogerson

Gareth recently (early October 99) played Claudius in a schools educational video of "Hamlet". It is being made by Cromwell Films, who were also involved with Merlin the Magic begins. Part of this was shot at Peebles (there is a castle there). Most of the filming took place at the same time as Gareth was appearing in The Clearing in Glasgow. This is due for release in June 2000.

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