This information was correct at the time we collected it, but please note that zines go in and out of print and that prices may change. We recommend that you send an SAE to check the information before sending any money.

StarHawk Press

Margaret Martin, 40 Lefroy St, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, ML5 1NB, Scotland, GB

Margaret is not producing any new Blake's 7 zines, but will continue selling the ones that she has in hand until she runs out of stock. Your best bet is to write to her and see what she still has in stock. An SAE would be appreciated, with two IRCs if you live overseas.

All Margaret's zines are A5 digest size but have full size text unlike most other British digest zines. They are stapled at the side of the spine (instead of in the middle of a folder A4 sheet). The artwork is usually pretty poor.

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