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Note for those not familier with the British postal system, Z1 = USA, Canada, Far East etc, and Z2 = Australia and New Zealand.

Horizon mail out all zines within 1 - 2 months and are reliable - Judith

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Bloke's 7
B7 Colouring Book

Comment By Julia Jones

These are generally cheap, well-produced zines offering good value for money. There aren't many stories that stand out as classics to my mind, but neither are there too many complete duds, just nice solid writing in a variety of styles. The zines are edited, not simply published, and the layout is as good as is practical with the technology available at the time of printing. Early volumes of the fiction zines were originally printed in A4 format, but later printings are in the same digest format as the later volumes, often with new art. It's well worth trying a couple of volumes, as they're so cheap that you haven't wasted much money even if they turn out not to be to your taste.

Ordering Information

Order from:
Ann Steele,
66 Sherwood Park Road,

Paying in pounds Make cheques payable to Horizon, The B7 Appreciation society.

Paying in US dollars Make cheques payable to Horizon, The B7 Appreciation society. Since the bank charges a fee for paying these in please add $1 to the total for every cheque you send. To convert prices in pounds to dollars, ask a bank for the current exchange rate for BUYING pounds, then use this to work our the price in dollars.

'Nova' by Judith Proctor.

I can't really review this one seeing as I wrote it, so I'll just say that Nova is a full length PGP novel that concentrates on Avon, Servalan and Vila. I'll post the first chapter of Nova here, and that should hopefully give you an idea as to whether you want to read therest of it or not.

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