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A Guide to Blake's 7 Erotica

Is now available. This bibliography lists all known B7 and multimedia zines containing adult B7 material, both slash and het, with the contents of almost all of them. In addition, all the slash and het adult stories are listed alphabetically by author (with cross-references for different pseudonyms of the same person, if the author has given permission). There are also separate lists of the gen stories that appeared in mixed zines, and of poets and artists whose work appears in the zines indexed. At the back are lists of all known B7 zines, including gen zines.

Most of the info has been posted on Space City and on this web page. If you'd like to have a neat, compact hard copy version for easy reference-- or if you have friends not on line who'd be interested-- here's your chance.

The paper zine is 133 pages, with a cover in a choice of five very bright colors: red, blue, yellow, pink, and green. (They seemed to be equally popular among the people who bought the zine in person, or collected their trib copies, at Eclecticon.) The price is U.S. $10 plus airmail postage as follows: $3 to U.S. destinations, $5 to Canada, $7 to European area, $9 to Pacific area. I can take U.S. currency in cash or checks, and for orders to Britain, I can take 10 pounds in cash (for use on a future trip or to order things for myself from British publishers). If you don't have easy access to either U.S. dollars or pounds sterling, maybe we can work out a trade.

E-mail Sarah for further details if you're interested. (And if GEnie bounces your message, please try again-- apparently there've been some problems with the service lately.)

Sarah Thompson

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