This information was correct at the time we collected it, but please note that zines go in and out of print and that prices may change. We recommend that you send an SAE to check the information before sending any money.

Catherine Siebert

Quote from Sarah Thompson

Here's someone else who I just got a package of old zines from and can recommend, based on my experience, for prompt and efficient service.

Catherine Siebert
4444 Parks Av. #12
Las Mesa, CA 91941-6173

Two of the used zines that I ordered sight unseen turned out to be in very bad condition, but they were also extremely cheap, so I got what I paid for. The other used zines were in very good condition, and all were reasonably priced. They appear to have been mailed as soon as my check cleared. Overall I was very pleased.

She has a large selection of used zines in various media. As with the Rondeaus, I got the catalogue from a friend, but presumably you could SASE her for a copy (one stamp should do it for this one).

Last updated on 04th of July 1998.

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