This information was correct at the time we collected it, but please note that zines go in and out of print and that prices may change. We recommend that you send an SAE to check the information before sending any money.


Supply a vast range of new and second hand zines. They are reputed to offer a very quick service.

Jim and Melody Rondeau,
1853 Fallbrook Ave,
San Jose,
CA 95130



Quote from Sarah Thompson

I just ordered a big batch of zines from the Rondeaus and was pleased with their prompt service-- and the fact that they even sent me a refund because the shipping cost was less than expected!! They have a lengthy catalogue of new and used zines in various fandoms including B7. My one complaint is that some of the "new" zines are a bit battered. However, their catalogue plainly states that this may be the case due to the zines having been taken to cons (and pawed through by the likes of me), and they guarantee a refund for any zine returned due to unsatisfactory condition. The used zines are in pretty good condition given that they are used; as I said, I was pleased.

Last updated on 02nd of February 2003.

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