This information was correct at the time we collected it, but please note that zines go in and out of print and that prices may change. We recommend that you send an SAE to check the information before sending any money.

Janet Ellicott

Janet Ellicott has a large number of zines always available on every subject from The A Team to Zorro (and especially all aspects of Star Trek). She also publishes: Adzine, Frak and Depth Charge. She is also an agent for Nut Hutch Press, Bjo Trimble and Bernice Russell, as well as UK editors.

Janet Ellicott also handles a large number of secondhand zines. Send a large (at least A5) SAE. From the USA send $2 to cover postage for her list.

Janet Ellicott
43 Brooksbank House
Retreat Place
Morning Lane
E9 6RN

Janet has asked us to post a note, saything that contrary to any rumours that may be circulating, she still is definately IN buisness. She thinks roumours of Bill Hupe's retirment may confused people.

A couple of people have reported problems in dealing with Janet, although I have not had any serious problems myself. - Judith

From Janet Ellicott

I wanted to let everyone know that, since it is no longer possible for me to make a living as a fanzine dealer. I am therefore looking for a job. Service is likely to be disrupted while I'm out at interviews and will definitely be disrupted when I actually get a job. I'm hoping for something local or part time but will probably have to take what's offered.

I will do my best to get orders out as quickly as possible but service is likely to be a little slower for the next few weeks at least, and you're unlikely to find me home during the day if you phone.

Last changed on 02nd of February 2003

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