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Volume One

What happened after the incident in the tracking gallery on Gauda Prime? Who survived? What became of Kerr Avon, Computer Genius? What new occupation might he have found? Go Digging in the Dirt with Lorna Breshears to discover the outcome.

Unnamed planets in forgotten frontier sectors of Federation space may provide the key to defeating the Federation. That is if Liberator and her crew can outwit the Federation and retrieve badly needed resources. CHR761 by David R. Sanderson offers just such a challenge.

Star One has been destroyed, but Roj Blake was captured by the Federation. The Federation haslost its foothold on many frontier worlds. Blake regains his freedom, but his memory has huge gaps. He has to find a way to rejoin Liberator, to restore his memory and continue his fight against the Federation. Or does he? Doppelganger by Jeffrey D. Jonsson offers interesting possibilities.

Blake, Less One by David R. Sanderson is an alternate look at Scorpio's arrival on Gauda Prime and the subsequent events in the rebel base.

Disillusionment, death and treachery still plague the rebels. The bounty hunter who may have been Blake has an agenda of his own. Who lives and who dies this time? Does it matter?

Ruth Hanson takes the reader for another look into an alternate universe. What if Liberator carried away the virus that destroyed everyone on Fosforon? Who is saved and who dies may be a matter of alien physiology or it could be a matter of Choices.

Aurelius IV is facing domination by Federation forces if the development of an experimental weapon succeeds. The Federation needs the help of a prominent weapons designer. The rebellion needs to stop them. Blake and the crew of the Liberator rejoin Avalon as she works with a local group to pull off author Anna Richmond's Double Bluff.

Star One may have been the White Dwarf sought by Liberator's crew. Just suppose that what they found there wasn't what they had expected. Share Carol Hanson's slightly off center view of who and what might be waiting in the alternate universe installation on Star One.

Egrorian Press is pleased to announce the release of Tents of Goth, Volume 1. This genzine is 8.5 x 11 inches, 114 pages, comb bound. (Approx. 50,000 words) Black and white illustrations. Contains no original art work.

Contributors: Lorna Breshears, David R. Sanderson, Jeffrey D. Jonsson, Ruth Hanson, Anna Richmond, Carol Hanson.

To reserve your copy send e-mail to dsanders@library.utah.edu or mail to:

David R. Sanderson
3784 West 3280 South
West Valley City, UT 84120


Editorial staff:
Managing editor: David R. Sanderson
Senior editor: Ruth Hanson
Editor: Caroljean Hanson
Publisher: Egrorian Press
Date: April 1997

Lorna Breshears, "Digging in the Dirt" (S5; A)
David R. Sanderson, "CHR761" (S2)
Jeffrey D. Jonsson, "Doppelganger" (S3; B)
David R. Sanderson, "Blake, Less One" (alt S4-5; alt-Blake)
Ruth Hanson, "Choices" (alt-S2; alt-post-Killer)
Anna Richmond, "Double Bluff" (S2)
Carol Hanson, "White Dwarf" (alt-S2; Se)

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