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Pattern of Infinity

Pattern of Infinity Review By Judith

Have you had your fill of post orbit stories? Do you need a break before you read another 5th season story?

Pattern of Infinity is unlike any Gen zine you've ever read!! Pattern takes the characters of Blake's 7 and puts them in past eras of history. Ever wondered how Avon would react in Ancient Rome? How would Blake handle the Vietnam War? The Old West in America belonged to outlaws would it belong to our favorite crew?

Pattern of Infinity contains stories by Susan Barrett, Ann McKannon, Patricia Blassi, Marian Mendez, Loulou Harris, Cami, Lorna Breshears, Judith Proctor and more.

The art is by Mary O'Connor, Val Westall, Leah Rosenthal and a color cover by Phoenix.

Pattern has 160 pages with spiral binding.

Pattern of Infinity is out of print

What on Earth Happened to You?

What on Earth Happened to You? An all Roj Blake zine. This zine attempts to answer what happened to Roj Blake from Star One to Guada Prime and in some cases, beyond.... We have stories by Marian Mendez, Pat Fenech, Judith Proctor, Patricia Blasi, Loulou Enriquez-Harris, Susan Riaz, Vega and more. This zine is packed full of wonderful art by the likes of Val Westall, Mary O'Connor, Fliss Davies, Marissa Fenech, Sabrina Stone. Cover is black and white by Bonnie Key. The zine exists of 160 double column pages with a spiral bind.

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