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By Roberta Stuemke. Blake's 7 sequal to CIRCLES. The grand conclusion of the Sundowner trilogy. The Academy has revolted! Word has reached the rebels, the Federation under Sleer, and the mysterious Leader -- and it's a race. Avon, Jenna, Tarrant, Vila and their allies must reach Earth before Sleer can rally her forces to quell the rebellion, and before the Leader can move his own pawns. But back at the Academy, the rebels have sworn to destroy Earth before they'll submit again, and they have a doomsday weapon...


By Roberta Stuemke. Blake's 7 sequal to ISLANDS. To save the rebellion, Avon must save Jenna from Sleer, even though Jenna swore she'd kill him if she ever saw him again. His allies: a mercenary trainer, an information broker, and Jenna's secrative aide. but Dayna haunts Tarrant's sleep, demanding vengence for her death at Arlen's hands, and the increasingly telepathic pilot may drag his friends down into madness with him.


By Roberta Stuemke. Blake's 7 post Gauda Prime. Blake lied. And his last secret may hold escape for the survivors of Gauda Prime -- if Avon can live with the guilt of having killed Blake, and if Jenna can reach him in time, and if Tarrant can deceive Sleer long enough to save a tragic alien child, and if Vila can steal the most incredible spaceship ever created.


By Irene Stubbs. Blake's 7 2nd season. Whole worlds are being laid waste, and someone is laying the blame at Liberator's door. In spite of it, Jenna convinces Blake to rescue the survivors of a sabotaged Federation ship, who prove very untrustworthy guests. And then Avon slips away, against orders, and returns covered in blood, at death's door... A tantalizing, intricately Byzantine mystery.

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