Note we are in regular contact with the editor and know these prices to be up to date. Maverick Press are also very fast at mailing out orders.

Titles that include Blake's 7

Dark Fantasies is a Multi-media slash (i.e. homosexual) zine. All orders should be accompanied with an age statement. Dark Fantasies usually consists of stories at the more extreme end of the slash spectrum i.e. stories that include rape, toture and S/M. These stories are not going to appeal to everyone. The style is different from that of Oblaque, in that the Oblaque stories tend to be more psychological.

Judith - A lot of these stories don't work for me personally, but tastes differ and some frineds of mine like them a lot.

Titles for Non Blake's 7 zines

Ordering Information

All US orders to:-

Maverick Press
Jo Ann McCoy
2580 I25 North
Colorado 81008-9614


Outside of the US, these may be ordered through Judith Proctor Prices and Ordering Information

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