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This list is not complete, but should be adequate. I don't believe a similar single list exists for reference. Any errors are my fault--Joyce Bowen. Feel free to contact me. Currently, this ends about December 2000 as far as extensive research goes. Anyone else is more than welcome to add information. The basic magazines are Cult Times, Dreamwatch, DWB, SFX, Starburst, Starlog, and TV Zone. Some other magazines are covered at the end under the general title of Miscellaneous. I have also briefly covered the Marvel magazines which were totally devoted to Blake's 7 and nothing else.

Besides used fan sales and , of course, Ebay, the only current place I know to buy new and old magazines at is Larry's Book Store (US). Star Tech (US) and At the Sign of the Dragon (UK) are no longer in business. All current magazines in print sell some back issues, but much of this is OOP.



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