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Review By Morrigan

This is a series 5 PGP novel that focuses on a growing rivalry between Avon and Jenna. Blake survived GP and has forgiven Avon. Jenna has not and views Avon's presence as a threat. She instigates action to remove the threat and he retaliates. The contest between them progresses to diabolical levels.

Avon is depicted well, particularly his emotional state post-GP and his relations with Blake's people. Jenna is portrayed as very hard, extremely protective of Blake, and more than a little obsessed with separating Avon from Blake. This drives the story but is rather a one-dimensional portrayal of her character. Blake is the magnet for these two and his warmth and charisma are powerfully portrayed. The author does a lovely job of demonstrating the affection and deep friendship between Blake and Avon. All of the Scorpio crew make an appearance with more attention given to Soolin and Vila than to Tarrant or Dayna. Vila demonstrates keen insight about both Blake and Avon.

While Jenna seemed a bit hard, Blake is so wonderfully forgiving that he seems saint-like, stretching credulity. I also found it difficult to believe that a man of Blake's intelligence remains unaware of the struggle between Jenna and Avon. He seems all too willing to ascribe events to other causes, and neither of the two protagonists provides any explanation when these events affect Blake personally. I disliked the ending and felt it was both implausible and that it was outside the context and tone of the story. Other than that, I enjoyed the story and recommend it as escapist fiction.


CHECKERS, a Tale of Treachery (novel by Pat Patera; S5; A-B-J, A/Se)
Publisher: Kathleen Resch (Temple City, CA)
Date: 1992
Chapter titles:
"Red or Black"
1. "The Valley of Shadows"
2. "The Queen and the Fool"
3. "The Laser's Edge"
4. "The Simple Pleasures"
5. "The Supreme Strategist"
6. "The Price of Survival"
7. "Tempest out of Time"

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