AltaZine - A Blake's 7 letterzine edited by Neil Faulkner.

The issue #7 was the last, and it is no longer available.

Neil has also produced Stadler Link

Pressure Point

Both of which are now available through Judith.

This is a letterzine where anything and everything relating to Blake's 7 can be discussed (that includes slash). In addition to letters we'll be happy to print (space permitting) articles, filks, stories (up to 1,000 words), artwork, etc. Neil hopes to particularly cover zines, what people like, why they like it, how people go about writing stories for them, etc etc.

Letters will be printed in full, except that the editor reserves the right to edit for the following - letters that drift far far away from Blake's 7 (unless they are really interesting), anything that might result in legal action and anything that is seriously abusive about another person. (Rubbish their views to your heart's content, but attack the view, not the holder of the view)

Neil says that if you're writing a real epic (and as far as I'm concerned, it has to be at least four pages long before it even begins to count as an epic), then marking sections that can be chopped if he runs out of space would be useful. Please don't hesitate to write lots if you have something interesting to say. I wrote loads last issue, and he didn't axe any of it. (more fool Neil <grin>)

Neil is the kind of editor who feels happy to stick his own comments in the middle of your letter. He describes himself as a belligerent little sod... This makes for an interesting style of letterzine. I enjoy it, but I can‘t guarantee that everyone will.

Some past articles from Altazine may be seen in the Essays section of this site

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Last updated on 29th of October 2000.