Posted 02nd of June 2000

Fan Q and STIFfie awards 2000

B7 Fan Qs

Artist genVal Westall
Story GenOutcast of Auron by Pat Jaquerie, Lexa Reiss & Erika Bloom SOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5
Story SlashExit Interview by Lexa Reiss SOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5
Zine SlashFIRE AND ICE #5
Honorable Mentionsbecause there wasn't anything competing against them
Non-fiction ZineA Guide to Blake's Erotica, Vol. 2, S.E. Thompson
Stand-alone Zine GenRenaissance by Diane L. Holland
Stand-alone Zine SlashEndless Farce by Predatrix

BLAKE'S 7 STIFfie winners

Best Poem/FilkMy Favorite Things by Vanessa Mullen (Dark Fantasies 6)
Best Short StoryDelinquent by Nova SOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5
Best StoryFirewalk by Susan Cutter Dark Fantasies 6
Best NovellaBlood Ties by Willa Shakespeare FIRE AND ICE #5
Best NovelThe Endless Farce by Predatrix
Best ZineFIRE AND ICE #5 (Kathleen Resch)
Best Info ZineA Guide to Blake's 7 Erotica, Vol. 2 (S. E. Thompson)
Best ArtLeah Rosenthal, "While You Were Away..." SOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5
The STIFfie organizers explained how a fandom gets its own grouping (as opposed to being stuck in a mix of fandoms group). It must have nominations in at least four categories.

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