The Villains of Blakes 7

What would any adventure drama be without its baddies? In appreciation of all the villains B7 is so richly endowed with, I offer the following rating system.

I find myself splitting them into groups:

Servalan, of course, is the queen of the flamboyant villains ("Servalan! My steel queen! My empress!" - Egrorian), while Travis reigns over the second group:

Group One

***** Servalan "When the Federation finally cleans out this cesspit, I will have that vulpine degenerate eviscerated with a small and very blunt knife."
***** Bayban "I hate to rush an execution."
***** Belkov "This is a game Commissioner, and I'm the one who holds the winning hand."
***** Egrorian "It destroys things, instantly and completely, at any range."
***** Krantor "Krantor wins both ways - rule of the house."
**** Cancer "I wish I could say it was a painless death, but I'm afraid it's very much the reverse."
**** Dorian "You care for one another, that's why I chose you."
**** Keiller "I'm a security man - a poorly paid one."
**** Largo "Pure Shadow! You won't just die without it, you'll die in terrified agony."
*** The Caliph "We usually use this for rounding up runaway slaves."
*** Grose "It's not the information as such, but the fun of extracting it."
*** Intruder "You need instruction, Human Called Tarrant."
*** Moloch "Servalan was merely the bait to bring you here."
*** Tarvin "Thirteen million credits for the crew and the ship."
*** Vargas "I am the supreme power here. My word is law."
*** Vinni "You're a dead man Tarrant."
** Atlan "No Space Rat cares to put up with second best."
** Cevedic "We're Krantor's rubbish collectors."
** Chel "Arrgghh!"
** Gola "Kick that fool as you are passing, possibly I might smile at his pain."
** The Klute "Heh, heh, heh!"
** The Thaarn "He who controls gravity, controls everything."
** Zee & Bar "You're going to make a great contribution to our society."
** Zukan "I see my bad dreams in other people's eyes."

Group Two

***** Travis "Run Blake, run. As far and as fast as you like. I'll find you. You can't hide from me. I am your death, Blake."
***** Shrinker "I specialize in unco-operative prisoners."
**** Anna "Do you trust anyone? Do you trust me?
**** Kayne "Animals! Stupid destructive animals!"
**** Klegg "She will die slowly and very noisily."
**** Leitz "How many people have you killed to conceal your secret?"
**** Raiker "Understand this clearly - you have no rights whatsoever."
*** Arlen "It's not my irresistable charm that keeps them coming."
*** Dev Tarrant "Killed instantly - very tragic! See to it, will you?"
*** Glynd (1) "I want you to do everything in your power to help the man."
*** Dr. Havant "Reality is a very dangerous concept."
*** Kommissar "So you're a resister - some malfunction of the genes, I suppose."
*** Morag "What we need is something to discredit him."
*** Provine "The Albians have always known the penalty for insurrection. Now they must pay the cost."
*** Quute "I don't know what the Pacification Police use, but I could do with a shot of time I go on leave."
*** Reeve "I was at one of those official receptions for good and faithful servants that you occasionally graced with your presence."
*** Sara "I'll kill the first one who puts his head outside the door."
*** Tynus "Before you do that, make sure this message is A-lined to Federation Headquarters."
** Ginka "Did you know that he persuaded the woman Franton to remove the cells from one of the placentas and replace them with his own?"
** Kostos "Let it begin."
** Mori "The winner and new champion."
** Nurse "We ensure all life is extinct before surgery begins."
** Pella "Your finger was on the trigger, you killed him."
** Saymon "Without that power, you cannot escape The Web."

Group Three

*** The Altas "Failure to obey orders will be punished by death!"
*** The Ultras "You cannot resist the power of The Core, it overcomes everything."
*** Rbt Muller "Where is Orac?!!"
*** Rbt Avalon "I must have my tunic."
*** Andromedans "We don't know how well they function under stress."

Vila: Where are all the good guys?
Blake: You could be looking at them.
Avon: What a very depressing thought. - [Shadow]

Frances Teagle