Possible Influences on Blake's 7

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Brave New World

Blake's 7 seems to owe Aldous Huxley's novel some debt of gratitude, although the Federation is nowhere near as benign a government as the World State, it does 'homage' some of it's background:


This book is perhaps the most obviously connected to the Federation, with it's ever present thought police, official government surveliance of civil affairs and opressive methods ofgovernment. Even Blake's brainwashing (which took place some time before the series actually starts) is analogous to the sufferings of Winston at the hands of O'Brien. Both end up loving (or at least succumbing) to the forces which they previously opposed. Both governments also seem to emphasise the primacy of society over individualism, all projects, and ultimately all major enterprise are at least indirectly state owned, and it seems that (from our admittedly limited point of view) none of the federation characters including the crew have any private orpersonal interests outside of work.

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