Why Blake Fought - Judith Proctor

People occasionally question why Blake fought the Federation and whether he was justified in doing so. Here's a reminder of why.

The Federation -

  1. drugged most of their population (The Way Back and the whole pylene 50 program)
  2. gunned down groups of dissidents (sometimes unarmed dissidents) with lethal weapons (The Way Back, Project Avalon, etc)
  3. framed an innocent man on charges of child molesting (The Way Back)
  4. converted people into mutoids (Duel, etc.)
  5. failed to prosecute those guilty of mass murder (Travis) until it it expedient to do so. (Trial)
  6. had almost total control of the media (remember Servalan was shocked that news of Blake's activities was spreading in spite of media control)
  7. planted lethal bombs that would go off and kill 4 million people if they dared to rebel (Countdown)
  8. manipulated elections in foreign countries with an aim of destabilising them and later taking over (Bounty)
  9. secretly controled the trade in hard drugs (Shadow)
  10. 'educated' the rulers of primitive worlds and used them to enslave the natives (Horizon)(possibly Traitor as well)
  11. altered people's memories (Blake and the children he was accused of molesting)
  12. banned all religion (Pressure Point)
  13. destroyed a world rather than have it used by sombody else (Volcano)
  14. abandoned workers to certain death in order to increase profits (Harvest of Kairos)
  15. employed torturers (Rumours of Death)
  16. tried to start a war between two systems so that they could move in afterwards when both were weaker (Deathwatch)
  17. Used human beings in genetic experiments (Animals)
  18. condemned the families of deserters to slavery (Deliverence)
  19. Butchering half the population of planets that dare to claim independence and shipping the other half to frontier planets. (Saurian Major in 'Time Squad')
The destruction of Auron, the death of Ensor and various other things, I attribute to Servalan personally. All the ones above I see as being official policy although some would only be known to the highest levels of government.

I leave people to draw their own conclusions about why Blake was fighting.


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