By Neil Faulkner
Oh Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna
My heart is broke, it needs a spanner.
When I speak I have a stammer,
Knowing how you're dead.

All those times we spent together,
You in chiffon, me in leather.
In the domes, bereft of weather.
What a shame you're dead.

Thinking of you I get twitchy
If at times you could be bitchy,
Though your lover had a glitch, he
Wishes you weren't dead.

Now I'm bound for Cygnus Alpha,
And I've only got one towel for
Drying, and I've also half a
Mind, because you're dead.

Sometimes wishing you were with me,
Lying in my arms to kiss me,
Though by now you're green and squishy,
Seeing as you're dead.

Blake refolded the piece of paper and handed it back to Avon. "I know it might not be my place to offer unwanted advice," he said, "but if I were you, I'd stick to computers in future."

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