The site is based at which is a site owned by our friend Clint. Where it currently occupies about 40M of comercial quality web space.

Some of this content is on which currently has 50M of web space.

Some of this content is on which has 200M of web space.

Some of the larger full size pictures (and many of the thumbnails) are placed on our two demon accounts waveney (Richards) and Blakes-7 (Judith's) each of which have 20M of web space, though with a lot more restrictions.

After some effort I have now found out when the site first started - 2nd May 1996, with 4 pages...


This site consists of:

datehtml pagesImages/GraphicsScriptsOther filesTotal size
2 May 19964?00?
29 May 1997506164913?
7 Dec 19975783371110?
26 April 19988004711512?
18 July 1998864593181716.5M
18 Oct 1998952995283320.3M
19 Feb 199910521245293727M
20 Mar 199911011516323829M
23 Jun 199911801629335030M
21 Nov 199913541899639037M
12 Apr 20001547239313121945M
7 Jun 20001673252413725248M
17 Sep 20001873273915027454M
26 Nov 20002037281616238157M
6 Jan 20012305283721253167M
4 Mar 20012615305522053177M
1 Apr 20012711328422253883M
6 May 20012937354222557387M
6 Jun 20013530376840280494M
16 Aug 200137893707371877114M
18 Nov 200141094132383907126M
27 Jan 200243794255415986134M
25 Aug 2002491444104551061145M
24 Sep 2002500745225261599148M
2 Sep 2003570995515942371197M
4 May 2004606098116002421204M

Last updated on 16th of February 2005.

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