Ideas for exapnsion

This is a list of ideas that might be incorperated at some time into this web area. Feedback and new ideas welcome, but no promises given. E-mail:
More Quizes
More Zine Reviews
These are being added all the time. We dont announce every new zine as many are added every week. If there is no review for you favorite zine write your own, and we will post it here!
More Trivia
More small things to do and see

Illustrated Sevencyclopaedia
The Sevencyclopaedia is being illustrated and extended.

Star Cops
A Star Cops part of the site to go with the Star Cops zines.

Better Filk Indexes
By tune, by filker.

Online Shopping
I have done it for Knightwriter press, when improved it will work here as well.

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Last updated on 27th of May 2000.