Many parts of this site are perl scripts.

I admit to the following, all of which are freely available. (There are others):
Guestbook Very heavily modified from the guestbook provided in Matt Wrights Script archive.

The version you can download uses different file names to log requests for flyers than the real one.

Banner Image Home grown variable clickable banner, this generates the image, use with Banner Link
Banner Link Handles clicking on banner provided by Banner Image.
Small Ads Handles the Small Ads pages. Another very highly modified guestbook.
Small Ads Counter Handles the Counters for the Small Ads
Quiz Fully handles the quizes.
Search Home grown search engine now with many more features.
Random Thing Gives a random image, link etc very general unlike the Banner Image/Link scripts which relate a particular link with a particular image. Home Grown
Download Downloads these scripts, allowing some fields such as file names and passwords to be changed
Gareth This script is used to select the subsets of the Gareth page based on date and media.
Guestbook Maintenance This allows for some maintenance of the guestbook, in particular deletion of spam entries and repetition. Access controlled by password, you will have to modify this script with your own embeded password.
Local View This is the big one! It reads a remote web page and converts all links into either full addresses, or futher calls to this script. It also converts the prices into Pounds or Australian dollars, taking special offers and formatting into account..

Last updated on 02nd of February 2003.

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