Viewing figures for first UK showing

These are the figures in millions of viewers for the programmes first showings:

RefNameViewing MillionsTransmitted on

First Season

A1 The Way Back 7.42nd Jan 1978
A2 Space Fall 7.39th Jan 1978
A3 Cygnus Alpha 8.516th Jan 1978
A4 Time Squad 8.923rd Jan 1978
A5 The Web 9.630th Jan 1978
A6 Seek Locate Destroy 10.96th Feb 1978
A7 Mission To Destiny 9.613th Feb 1978
A8 Duel 10.020th Feb 1978
A9 Project Avalaon 9.727th Feb 1978
A10 Breakdown 8.86th Mar 1978
A11 Bounty 9.613th Mar 1978
A12 Deliverance 9.020th Mar 1978
A13 Orac 10.627th Mar 1978

Second Season

B1 Redemption 7.99th Jan 1979
B2 Shadow 7.616th Jan 1979
B3 Weapon 6.423rd Jan 1979
B4 Horizon 6.330th Jan 1979
B5 Pressure Point 6.66th Feb 1979
B6 Trial 7.513th Feb 1979
B7 Killer 7.020th Feb 1979
B8 Hostage 7.827th Feb 1979
B9 Countdown 6.96th Mar 1979
B10 Voice from the Past 7.013th Mar 1979
B11 Gambit 6.620th Mar 1979
B12 The Keeper 7.027th Mar 1979
B13 Star One 8.23rd Apr 1979

Third Season

C1 Aftermath 9.57th Jan 1980
C2 Powerplay 9.414th Jan 1980
C3 Volcano 9.021st Jan 1980
C4 Dawn of the Gods 8.928th Jan 1980
C5 Harvest of Kairos 9.44th Feb 1980
C6 City at the Edge of the World 8.811th Feb 1980
C7 Children of Auron 10.419th Feb 1980
C8 Rumours of Death 9.025th Feb 1980
C9 Sarcophagus 9.93rd Mar 1980
C10 Ultraworld 9.210th Mar 1980
C11 Moloch 10.417th Mar 1980
C12 Death-Watch 8.924th Mar 1980
C13 Terminal 10.031st Mar 1980

Fourth Season

D1 Rescue 7.828th Sep 1981
D2 Power 8.75th Oct 1981
D3 Traitor 8.712th Oct 1981
D4 Stardrive 8.819th Oct 1981
D5 Animals 8.926th Oct 1981
D6 Headhunter 8.92nd Nov 1981
D7 Assassin 8.89th Nov 1981
D8 Games 8.016th Nov 1981
D9 Sand 8.323rd Nov 1981
D10 Gold 8.030th Nov 1981
D11 Orbit 8.07th Dec 1981
D12 Warlord 8.514th Dec 1981
D13 Blake 9.021st Dec 1981

What this shows I'm not sure, since it can't reflect on how good or bad an episode is since nobody had seen them before then. I suppose a good episode could trigger a high viewing figure the following week because it would be talked about at work and school.

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Last updated on 11th of March 2000.