List of errors, bloopers, and general screw-ups NB: This list ignores the many, many, many times shadows from the boom mike pass over the actors.

Many Episodes

Every establishing shot of Servalan's space station shows it rotating. When we cut to her office, the view out the window is static.

Season 1

The Way Back:

Apparently flawless in this respect since no one has reported any errors.

The Way Back/Space Fall:

Blake changes flight chairs during take-off.

Space Fall:

The star screen in the window wobbles as Avon disappears into the hatch.

Zen does not have his transparent dome.

Blake is wearing a buckled seat belt when shown in the restraint harness (just before Raiker orders his release), it's gone when he stands up but he never unbuckled it.

The wall wobbles when Leylan removes the communicator to talk to Blake and again when he replaces it.

Liberator console wobbles when Jenna touches it.

Cygnus Alpha:

Vargas appears to materialise somewhere to the left of the teleport bay.

The whole end fight and teleport sequence defies timing and physical reality as Vargas teleports first but arrives simultaneously with Blake, Gan, and Vila.

The levers on the teleport console aren't used.

Time Squad (aka A Bad Day for Jenna):

Jenna's gun 1. changes from being solid-rimmed to transparent-rimmed when she is in the hold. 2. lights up three times as she walks down a corridor.

Her left pant leg rips at the knee in teleport fight with alien.

Her bracelet seems to disappear and reappear while she and Blake are in the capsule and then emerge into the hold. (It might be under her sleeve, but it's hard to say.)

The wrench hits her back but the bruise is on her arm.

She trips on the teleport console.

The Web:

A shelf next to Gila wobbles as she tells Blake "do not concern yourself."

Liberator console wobbles when the Federation ships are put on the main screen.

Blake's wound is just a smear of red when seen immediately after the spear is thrown, but has become a gaping gash when Gila treats it.

The outside of the habitat doesn't conform to the inside, or vice versa.


Very bad editing on the swinging rope.

Mission to Destiny:

A switch falls to the floor as Blake closes the airvent on the Ortega.

Avon jumps when Cally's chair scrapes the floor.

A ring is visible on Avon's left hand when he is removing the sonovapor cylinder from the filtering system, and again (very fast) when inspecting Mandrian's body.

Avon's hand is a tad too high when he grabs Sara.


As the Liberator moves to ram Travis' ship it wobbles.

Travis fails Astronomy 101. He MEANS to say, "I knew the patrols would push him into this SOLAR SYSTEM," not "this galaxy."

Gan contradicts himself in this episode: he sees Sinofar in the beginning but nods at the end when Blake says, "That's right, you never saw her."

Project Avalon:

A camera is caught in shot when Jenna leaves the flight deck.

The bullet holes in the walls don't really match the shooting sequence. And why is Jenna's gun leaving bullet holes anyway?


Blake waits in the corridor to enter the computer room and find Avon just after Gan's attack. He's blocking a patch of light.

Stepped on line: Blake almost comes in too early with his line "I'll join you in a minute."

Avon teleports to XK72 with only one bracelet. He sends Renor over to Liberator but then has a bracelet when talking to Ferrin later. Where did that one, or the one he gave Renor, come from?

The view of Liberator and XK72 wobbles each time it's used.

Liberator seen through Ferrin's window wobbles.


Blake's control necklace is undone during the scene where they are locked up. Gan's appears to be as well (it's obviously looser than the others').

The Federation guard knocked unconscious outside Sarkoff's residence disappears as they drive away.

Cally hid the box, but Sarkoff is holding it when they teleport.

Blake is not wearing gloves when zapped in the teleport section, but is when Vila releases his hands.

Tyce is wearing a completely different outfit on the flight deck than the one she teleported in.

Jenna attacks the same Amagon guard twice (same actor).


Vila's bracelet falls to the floor as the injured Ensor is lifted from the teleport bay.


The flight log shows scenes Zen couldn't have seen on the planet surface.

Cally's bracelet changes wrists.

Travis seems to fire around a corner to kill the phibian. His run to Servalan and their walk back to the barricaded section don't match up.

Aristo wobbles when Liberator is in orbit.

Vila can be glimpsed waiting for his cue to enter the teleport section.

Avon couldn't have hit Travis's hand from that angle.

Season 2


Blake sprays the flight deck when he shouts "Vila!"

Avon apparently leaves his seat during the attack because he has to move back into it.

Blake starts to come in too soon on "Avon get the others down here."

Liberator and Spaceworld wobble on scenes of the ship entering and departing.


Bek nearly comes in too early with his line, "With what you drank."

Cally doesn't carry a moon disc up when she teleports, so where did her pet come from?


As Blake enters, Cally is mouthing her last line, "Need all the weapons we can get."

Servalan starts too soon on "Not too obviously I hope."

Travis doesn't die when Servalan uses IMIPAK, even though he has been marked.

Clone calls Coser by name then asks who he is.

Microphone hangs over the clone Blake's head at the end.


Jenna's bracelet changes wrists several times in succession.

The pursuit ship wobbles.

Pressure Point:

Gan's bracelet is on his left wrist when he teleports, but on his right wrist in the church.

Servalan and Travis run toward the grenade instead of away from it.


A BBC worker's toolbox is sitting under Jenna's console.

Avon is blocking Cally's view when she's trying to catch Blake in the teleport.


Orac is flashing when it's not switched on, just before the information about K47 is given.

The London can be seen, about to dock, as the Liberator leaves Fosforon.

The salvager goes up as a rocket and comes down as the London, also goes up in daylight and comes down at night.

When does Avon grab the crystal? He and Tynus struggle for it, Tynus is electrocuted and the crystal isn't on the console as it was during the fight, but Avon doesn't get near the body. Yet he has the crystal in hand when they teleport.


Blake is not wearing his gun when he falls down the slope after being pushed by a crimo.

Liberator is repeatedly attacked and, viewed from the rear, the top right section of the "engine" melts.

The costume of the crimo that Ushton fights changes from having yellow trim to red trim as he attacks.

When Avon falls after being shot he throws his gun. Although he keeps his good arm holding the bad one, his gun manages to reconnect itself and get back in his hand.

More wobbly pursuit ships.

Cally can't get the bracelet open and has to slip it over her hand.

The fight ends in daylight and the crew teleport right after, yet the Liberator is still in orbit that night when Travis and Servalan meet.


Selson's uniform changes during the episode.

Grant teleports up with Vila's bracelet, but Vila later has a bracelet on.

Blake, Vila, and Avon teleport down in daylight, but the launch doors open onto a night sky.

Voice from the Past:

Jenna's wearing the necklace she won't get until The Keeper.

The Atlay shuttle wobbles.

The placket of the V on Blake's tunic is showing during the confrontation with Avon and Cally on the flight deck.

Travis teleports without a bracelet but it is there when he materialises.

Glynd calls Travis Trevor.

End--Blake's bracelet is hidden under his sleeve, then not, then is, then reappears to be snatched off.


Jerriere's earring falls off as he talks to Servalan.

Cally's bracelet changes wrists several times.

Chenie and Docholli can't get his jacket on him and he ends up throwing it over his shoulder.

The Keeper:

Blake's gun lights up when he is pointing it at Rad but there's not supposed to be a shot.

Jenna's bracelet moves from left to right wrists, then disappears before they are attacked and reappears moments later.

Jenna teleports in the dress she was given to replace her leather jumpsuit, but she's wearing the jumpsuit in "Star One."

Star One:

Blake's brown top (under his jacket and over the turtleneck) disappears when he teleports.

Six technicians are seen on the surface. As they run to the entrance there are only five. Then six are seen entering the base.

Season 3

Aftermath: There is a flash of red on a cliff above the beach when Avon fights the Sarran, which was a man in a red anorak.

Avon has one bracelet on, but comes up with another one to give to Dayna.

Dayna hits the first Sarran to attack Avon in the back, but she's standing to the right of where they're fighting.

Dayna teleports without a suitcase but later appears ("Children of Auron") in a jumpsuit she wore on Sarran.


Where did Avon stash Orac and why? They didn't know anyone else was onboard when they teleported.


The hospital ship sets down to pick up Servalan, presumably on Sarran, but the scenery is rocky and cavernous, not beach and dunes like Sarran.


Avon's gun doesn't light up when he shoots the second guard.

Obsidian wobbles on the screen.

Cally's bracelet falls off as she, Orac, Mori and a Federation guard are about to teleport.

Tarrant's neck chain disappears and reappears later.

When Tarrant and Dayna run down a slope, Tarrant's power cable is not plugged into his gun.

Cally telepaths to Avon that there are 3 troopers. There are 4.

Avon tilts the console when the ship is hit.

Dawn of the Gods:

Cally's gun doesn't light up when she fires at the end.

Tarrant fails Astronomy 101, too. ("I'm surprised you've heard of it, if you're from another galaxy.")

The Harvest of Kairos:

On the soundtrack, Avon says "astute" but his lips are mouthing a different word.

Dayna's bracelet falls off as she teleports aboard and reappears in the next scene.

Servalan obstructs her guards when asking why they don't protect her from Jarvik.

Liberator is upside down on Servalan's screen.

The Kairopan shuttle wobbles and so does the pursuit ship.

Dolly tracks are visible in the mud when Dayna and Jarvik wrestle.

The LEM is launched with launching gear intact.

The City at the Edge of the World:

Dayna has no room to conceal her explosive device.

Kerril's gun lights up but doesn't fire.

Vila says they were "out there in the sunshine" but the sky was dark and starry.

Where does Vila's tripod dissappear to when the vault opens for the first time? Sarcophagus:

Tarrant tilts the console when he falls against it.

Lots of boom-mike shadows in this episode.

Another upside down Liberator.


Vila makes anachronistic jokes about parking meters and the Invisible Man.

Dayna produces another bomb from thin air.

Yet another upside down Liberator.


Vila's bracelet falls off and is back in the next shot during his fight with the Federation guard.

Stock footage of the London/transport ship landing is at night, but Vila and friends are marching along moments later in daylight.

Upside down Liberator again.


Deeta nearly bops Karla with the gun.


Avon produces a gun from thin air.

Another upside down Liberator.

Where does Avon stash his gloves after he removes them?

Grammatical error: "the patients condition..."

Avon passes a door/hatch in the UNDERGROUND complex that is labeled: DANGER: RADIATION -- AIR-LOCK DOOR. Eh? An airlock underground???


The planet Terminal changes shape and color completely.

Season 4

Whole season: the circle (once a square) around Scorpio and other ships is really obvious. The effect of matting? It's the equivalent of seeing the strings, IMO.


Someone sprints behind Vila as he rescues Tarrant.


Avon is knocked out by a Hommik and falls in the mud, making his costume filthy. When he is put in the cell his costume is clean.

Everyone teleports without bracelets.


Tarrant and Dayna's clothes change when they teleport up.

Big yellow power cables are visible on SCORPIO's deck.

Scorpio wobbles.


Scorpio and pursuit ships wobble.


Avon slips on the floor.


When Mueller's robot tries to teleport Tarrant back down the teleport control comes away in his hand.

The android's costume is ruined after the explosion, but is pristine when it goes to the surface. Later it's ruined again.

Avon's gun is destroyed by the android but he has it again in later scenes.


Tarrant's costume buttons appear and disappear (3, then 4, then 3)

More yellow power cables on the deck.

Games: Gerren holds his right shoulder all through the episode but he was shot in his left shoulder.

Orac is in two places at once: on Scorpio and on Orbiter.

The Federation trooper killed by Vila is gone when Tarrant, Dayna and Gerren get there.

Servalan has 2 men with her in front of the Necron's temple cave, but 3 men go into it.


The circle around Space Princess

Avon's foot sticks out when he and Soolin hide in the zVp corridor.


Egrorian destroys a moon 17 light years away and we see it instantly. This should take 17 years. OK, OK, if we can posit FTL travel, I guess FTL transmissions have to go along with the deal?

In the orbiter, Orac starts to slide off the console and Vila has to stop it.

When Avon is pushing the Perspex Block across the floor... He works hard all the way across the floor, and then lets it roll easily the last 6 inches into the airlock!!


Servalan produces a bomb out of thin air.


All the troopers killed in the final shoot-out are not on the floor as Avon is surrounded.

Wires hang out of Orac as Avon teleports; are fixed when he lands.

A pillar shakes when Deva hits the wall next to it.

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