Posted 04th of April 2001

Research Request

Hi my names Hannah and I'm at Staffordshire University, at the moment I'm doing a module where I have to research a chosen culture. I have chosen to look at the types of people who attend sci-fi conventions and why they go. I have been to two myself, Who's 7 in 96 and deliverance in 98.

I am finding it extremely hard to find people who have been to conventions and also to find information on the web.

Please could you put a note on the site asking anyone who wants to, to get in contact with me by e-mail and just write a short paragraph letting me know a few reasons why they go, how often they go and what kind of person they are i.e. age, proffesion so that I can get an idea of the type of person they are.

I would prefer any mail to be sent to :

Thanks very much and your views or advice would be very much appreciated.

Hannah Keely.

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